Henry’s China Trip !

Wow , henry was on holiday and he went with the traveling buddy aka the sister, Well Pat is really nice and Henry always follows the sister for holiday, Its good to know that the family bonding is very strong there, some people I know dont even talk to the sisters. Well its all good for him as he visited Beijing already, I know that Beijing or China would be a good retreat to relax as things there are cheap and worth while seeing, this recent picture he sent me is of him in the so called DRAGON POT, when he saw the acrobatic girl lifting it he told the sis, hey that must be fake the girl lifting it like some toy, and Mana tau HE KENA hand picked to go up to see the weight for himself, guess this china people got some mind reading gadget, So to prove his theory, he picked it up and unable too, so it shows our dear Henry is weak, haha .  just kiding la dude..  here is the pic .. see it for yourself

Hen in Pot


One response

  1. Henry

    Hey.. u have to pay royalty to pose my pic in your blog… I guess u right, they have some mind reading tools or they must have bug me… Interesting to be up there and have so many cameras flashing at me.. HEHHE…celebrity for the day..


    05/07/2008 at 4:53 pm

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