GREAT Month of August !

This Month of August’s got to be the craziest month ever, Its seems that this month is kinda super lucky to me … Well first of all, you know about those contest that company publishes like win this win that, win a car, win a trip, win 10 thousand dollars etcetc.. u get the picture, Well I never ever believed in those stupid gimmicks cause I always think that its just a marketing way of telling us to spend more and Its results are never published or even publish but with names that no one knows ? cause who are these people I ask, and even if the results were publish it would be SUPER long after the period of contest entry like 3 or 4 months after, Who would remember? Well for once I am gonna start entering this type of contest because recently someone called me and told me that I have won? At first I thought it was a joke played on me, like Punked, I even asked that person Hey is this a joke, then I realised that I did enter this competition, and she told me that I won!! YIPEEE !! well thats beside the point here comes the main highlight for this month
its the $8,000,000 toto draw inSingapore and its CRAZY !! someone after tonight is gonna be a millionaire, well I am not that lucky la.. i mean not YET !! who knows ? well, I have ready and already bought all my tickets.. and waiting to count all the millions that I have won ! hahaha.. HOPEFULLY !!


crazy right ?? ahah , not all mine la, anyway, All this could not beat the news when I got the msg from my god sis today, at 11am, and at about 3.50pm today I received another msg telling me that she had gave birth to a healthy baby girl weighing at 3.35kg, WOW !! welcome to the world BABY JAMIE NG !! and as the god father so sad couldnt be there to see her, but will be back on the 17th to see her, and also her full moon!! and to my best friend Congratulations on being a Father !! no picture yet.. will dedicate a blog post just for Baby Jamie once I get her pics !!





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