Olympic Feelings !!

Wow !! I am wtching the opening of the Olympic Beijing 2008 now, its really spectacular and China really have outdone themself, the opening is somewhat have never been so alive with energy and colours, not so much of technology or show of music, but China has shown its culture to the world, I dont have any video to show but if you did catch the opening you would know what I am saying, The moment of athelete walking in reminds me of the time I walked in the Stadium of Shah Alam for the Sukan Malaysia games 1995 games, I was representing Selangor for cycling, so sad that I didnt have a cam that time It would be a great memory as I felt like those atheletes walking in, I dont think I will ever get that chance again, I know how exactly how those sportsmen and women felt when walking in and having so many people waving at them, Well its a long time ago . nearly 13 years back when I am only 15 years old. The feeling was great let me recapture the moment in my head as I remenise the good old days, waiting in the stadium area with crowds chanting, and loud fire works booming even before entering the stadium walk, MAny atheletes from all state gather behind, all awaiting to put their best foot foward, IT was really great, as when each state was called out, WE walked out, and Selangor being populor as we were the host state had the biggest ROAR and Cheers..!! we walked like the olympians but no pretty girl escort la, then the speeches and everything ! IT WAS GREAT !! I FELT IT IN MY HEART AGAIN WHEN LOOKING AT THIS OPENING OF CHINA !! THANKS FOR SPORTMANSHIP !!

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