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Four Seasons Durian a Miss !!

Lawrence and Ah Pek just came to Sing a few days ago, Lawrence as his usual self came for a MEeting while Ah pek just flew in from Shanghai, So guess what, As usual I would be the food recommendator and would bring them round island for good food, One place where I really damm paiseh and brought them there was this place called Four Seasons Durian at Still Road, Upper East Coast let me show you this map of the establisment
Back to the blog, And yup thats the place of the so called famous durian stall where all durian lovers would congregrate for a durian feast, it claims to be a hangout for durian lovers and foodist alike, Well for today and never again I would not step into this establisment, Want to know why ? explanation later, review of this place first, I always read blogs about establisment and how they are and what kind service they give, as its a sure fire way to know if the place is really living up to its standards I have read this place for its notorious hardsell tactics for durians etc..etc.. but I didnt believe it, cause I know this place is kinda classy and should be worth going to, BOY WAS I WRONG !! and should have listen to those comment to avoid this place.. I told lawrence that there was this good durian place and this was it, We actually drove there all the way from Orchard as they picked me up after work for dinner, and we wanted some dessert, we parked the car there and went to look for some durians, there was not like introduction or anything like it, just say, hey this is the best, come take .. 1kg $20 dollar, so We were still looking around and this guy just took his knife ask Lawrence say hey look this is yellow skin and very good, even before lawrence could say anything as he was consulting us on which to get or choose,  this old guy took the knife and cut open the skin to reveal the yellow skin and showed it to lawrence, Then I told lawrence hey the D24 should be ok, then the guy walked over and then took another one and say this is white skin ok ok , cut open it again to reveal the felsh that its white, as there were 5 of us, I said ok, everyone says ok la.. anything will do, He took the D24 and the other Moh Suang Wo or watever its called and placed it together, claims Lawrence give him the go ahead to cut it open and says that we want it, We were merely looking at it let alone say yet to it, this guys then started being pushy and says hey you must take it, cause open already, I was actually fuming mad, but kept cool, hey they are they one with knife, I wanted to give in and say ok la pay them oni la, but lucky Chee Ping was there also and said yes we did not even ask for you to open the durian, HE was the one who opened it and shove it to us for us to purchase it, (I am guessing must be Lawrence Merc that made them think we can afford) anyway we haggle them and said NO we are not taking it and only the D24, we ate the D24 and yucks .. not even creamy and not even nice.. for your info Stay away from this con place and just stick to Geylang where I can find my friendly Ah Beng and AH Seng. I can tell you where is good and way cheaper then this so called Four Seasons Durian (WHAT A CON) ARGH !! i felt cheated cause I asked Lawrence to Go .. damm paiseh man !!  should have eaten my durian at my regular stall at least they would even replace me if the durian is not up to par..

Wii Fit make you “HOT” !!

Didn’t See this coming.. enjoy !! really funny !!

Black Sunday

Today is what I call a "Black Sunday" never have I encounter people so weird yet so crazy .. in better terms we put it, ECCENTRIC ! I have seen people carrying bears and this is not a young little girl I am talking.. but .. never mind .. lets skip that today has been the worst day ever in my work life, I have never seen people so strange.. looks like I have named all the terms for eccentric and well do add in more if you know any, I bet there are many which are way crude .. and I do know them but not going to use em, As Joselyn’s tag line in MSN, "why is life so difficult" well its true, but life’s got to be difficult as "god" wants to test us on our journey to a better self righteousness, I know that no matter what you do, There is always eyes on you, and if you don’t give your best then you shall fail yourself, but failure is never the option and yet you pick yourself up from mistakes one at a time.

Complains? is this the nature of people ? I really truly ask myself sometimes wondering what satisfaction do they get when they complain? is it a high from bullying those customer service officers or those workers at the eatery? do they make themself more superior knowing that they are the customers? I think I have enough thoughts to pen down a whole set of books about customer service and peoples attitude towards the workers after working in this line for over 1 half year, what can I say.. internal or external to me they are all customers as long you are holding a position in the company, looks like the fat lady is going to sing very soon.. and we will see how things take flight !

Take care life has its bumps and its ups and its down.. well for today its surely BLACKENED my thoughts …

Long Lost FRIENDS !!!

this falls under the category of LOVE, and yes.. but not those kinda lovey dovey, this is about sisterly love, a love from a friend (internet) and I really didnt know how it went to that, I miss my internet sister, I call her tai ka cher, and she used to be so nice and listen and solve my problems, I dont know how we went adrift and never emailed each other then, now All I have is a reminise of emails that was sent, mostly our conversation went on with ICQ (1999) the time of icq went peaked, and where it goes UH-OH in almost every night till dawn with friends all over the world, I dont think it is still alive as now everyone is messengering with yahoo or msn, but yes I am trying to track back my friend

The only information I have of you is that you went to london and to a University in Leicester, (your email is which is non-active., I tried emailing to that address to contact you but no anvil.. and you go by the name of S.Y.E. Law, thats the only initial I can find, I usually able to track people down using the net, but if you are not online that often I dont think I can see you anymore.. I felt kinda sad that We drifted apart cause you were there for me when I needed someone to talk to, and I want to say thank you once again.

there is a list of people I lost contact with. another is my kor in aussie, I wonder what you doing now, I hope you reply to the email I sent you.

So Miss Elaine Law S.Y.E if you reading this, do email me back at or add me in msn. I hope to see you one day.

Friendsters Going Down !!



Well the above is actually a friendsrter logo, but some how it didnt came out quite right? anyway , I was waiting for a phone call and nope it didnt come, so I decided to blog about friendster why ? because I was bored and went through all my friends in it, looks like there are some changes to everyone which is mostly not LOGGING IN or have already move to facebook, For instant 1. I am most not definitly not moving to facebook no doubt people kept asking me to add them in facebook, to me I think i have lived through this entertainment social circle as I call it, showing off your brand new bling, or showing of your cool holiday picss sharing a game or file, well I think I have outlived those days of adding friends here and there, don’t matter if I am called a social outcast, or doesnt matter if people think I am outdated, Well to me it all dont matter now, If you want me, or msg me, get me through me email I have 6 accounts, and also I am always online in my MSN 24-7, I will most likely to msg you on the next hour or even the next day, If its more urgent I would most definitly call you no matter where in the wold you are.. as for Friendster.. I think its going down, looking at everyones profile, not many seems to have logged in, anoither thing I’ve notice is that some people are getting married.. but kept quiet over the days .. ahha .. anway Congrats to all of you all whom have gotten married but decided to hush hush.. and god bless you and your future family !

Touched by …

I didnt know that 2 weeks had past me by without me blogging, it has many events has unfold like for instant my new house is under renovation, suppose to have a update on the reno works, not even bothered to update, but I did go up thre to check on the progress, looking good I might say, but forget about the material stuff, in these past two weeks the most significant stuff that had happened was when We went back to Msia, check out the little road trip pics
Guess which one is ours ? Guess which one is ours ? the Wish or the Stream ? wont tell you thought, this is our little stop in Burger King at 8am after picking up wifey from the Airportm suppose to go back to get some household stuff from out Msia house to bring back to our Singapore house, so we drove back. Tons of stuff to bring back, and I was dead tired.
Ok Ok I was to blame for this fiasco ketchup incident, if you look properly to the posing picture, just look at the size of the ketcup compared to the chili, for those who knows me well, they dont call me ketchup drinker for nothing. Sorry for the ugly stained crumpler.. i promise to buy you another new one. Its 8.30 and we departed from JB burger king stop
Oh me doing some melodrama in the car while driving, Someone is going to fall asleep pretty soon as just got back from work, I gotto drive the whole journey myself, lucky its the 1.8 Stream, yup for those who got it right, Took me only ok ok .. its a sin to say how fast i drove but.. hhaha .. 3 hours with no pit stop, so its 386km and it only took me 3hours to reach Central sugar you do the math, dont need to tell ya how fast.. ahah ..
CIMG1740CIMG1742CIMG1743 Day 2 Got dressed and drove down to the inlaws place with my mom and dad for dinner, where in-laws cooked a scrumptions feast, but hey .. this feast is so delish, its giving me relapse of the good old times, sigh .. all the yummy dishes, too bad didnt took picture of the food, would have printed it out and eat it If i am hungry.
God Sis and WifeyHusband  Day 3 Before we left , We have bought lots of stuff, not sure if we took any picture of the trunk of the mpv, if we did it would be in the phone, will check it out later, This is the picture where we were invited by Jason’s mom, as she said OH GREAT THE GOD PARENTS is back .. I shall cook a feast for them, I cant tell you how much I miss home cooked food, and yes .. JK mom can sure cook a hell of a great delish food also, so there you have it two straight days of home cooked delish and polished of to the plate food from Msia .. here are more pics of the food cooked by JK mom’s THANK YOU THANK YOU
WHat a feast i Tell you, There was Chicken in chinese Wine, Mushroom, scallop and meat in the other and Pork Leg Vinegar in the other.. oh my I cant tell you how it taste like but I can sure tell you that I sure polished off a whole rice cooker full of rice to go along with it, ok maybe half la .. but seriously .. hands off to the chef .. perfect dinner ..and here are the parents

JK parents

Sue Ann, Mrs and Mr Ng

Mom and DAd The rest of the world

Mom and DAd was around too, having dinner altogether, Wifey, Nsao, JK and Nsao Mummy (what a occasion)

Sorry Baby JAmie, no blog about you today, cause its your granny and kung kung who hosted the dinner.. you were so naughty and didnt want us to eat in peace.. so your mummy got to eat real quick and then take care of you.