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I didnt know that 2 weeks had past me by without me blogging, it has many events has unfold like for instant my new house is under renovation, suppose to have a update on the reno works, not even bothered to update, but I did go up thre to check on the progress, looking good I might say, but forget about the material stuff, in these past two weeks the most significant stuff that had happened was when We went back to Msia, check out the little road trip pics
Guess which one is ours ? Guess which one is ours ? the Wish or the Stream ? wont tell you thought, this is our little stop in Burger King at 8am after picking up wifey from the Airportm suppose to go back to get some household stuff from out Msia house to bring back to our Singapore house, so we drove back. Tons of stuff to bring back, and I was dead tired.
Ok Ok I was to blame for this fiasco ketchup incident, if you look properly to the posing picture, just look at the size of the ketcup compared to the chili, for those who knows me well, they dont call me ketchup drinker for nothing. Sorry for the ugly stained crumpler.. i promise to buy you another new one. Its 8.30 and we departed from JB burger king stop
Oh me doing some melodrama in the car while driving, Someone is going to fall asleep pretty soon as just got back from work, I gotto drive the whole journey myself, lucky its the 1.8 Stream, yup for those who got it right, Took me only ok ok .. its a sin to say how fast i drove but.. hhaha .. 3 hours with no pit stop, so its 386km and it only took me 3hours to reach Central sugar you do the math, dont need to tell ya how fast.. ahah ..
CIMG1740CIMG1742CIMG1743 Day 2 Got dressed and drove down to the inlaws place with my mom and dad for dinner, where in-laws cooked a scrumptions feast, but hey .. this feast is so delish, its giving me relapse of the good old times, sigh .. all the yummy dishes, too bad didnt took picture of the food, would have printed it out and eat it If i am hungry.
God Sis and WifeyHusband  Day 3 Before we left , We have bought lots of stuff, not sure if we took any picture of the trunk of the mpv, if we did it would be in the phone, will check it out later, This is the picture where we were invited by Jason’s mom, as she said OH GREAT THE GOD PARENTS is back .. I shall cook a feast for them, I cant tell you how much I miss home cooked food, and yes .. JK mom can sure cook a hell of a great delish food also, so there you have it two straight days of home cooked delish and polished of to the plate food from Msia .. here are more pics of the food cooked by JK mom’s THANK YOU THANK YOU
WHat a feast i Tell you, There was Chicken in chinese Wine, Mushroom, scallop and meat in the other and Pork Leg Vinegar in the other.. oh my I cant tell you how it taste like but I can sure tell you that I sure polished off a whole rice cooker full of rice to go along with it, ok maybe half la .. but seriously .. hands off to the chef .. perfect dinner ..and here are the parents

JK parents

Sue Ann, Mrs and Mr Ng

Mom and DAd The rest of the world

Mom and DAd was around too, having dinner altogether, Wifey, Nsao, JK and Nsao Mummy (what a occasion)

Sorry Baby JAmie, no blog about you today, cause its your granny and kung kung who hosted the dinner.. you were so naughty and didnt want us to eat in peace.. so your mummy got to eat real quick and then take care of you.


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  1. Alvin



    02/10/2008 at 3:08 pm

  2. Alvin

    I know. It’s the Stream. First of all, you told me. Secondly, nobody rents out weekend cars. And you fly my aeroplane.


    02/10/2008 at 3:10 pm

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