Friendsters Going Down !!



Well the above is actually a friendsrter logo, but some how it didnt came out quite right? anyway , I was waiting for a phone call and nope it didnt come, so I decided to blog about friendster why ? because I was bored and went through all my friends in it, looks like there are some changes to everyone which is mostly not LOGGING IN or have already move to facebook, For instant 1. I am most not definitly not moving to facebook no doubt people kept asking me to add them in facebook, to me I think i have lived through this entertainment social circle as I call it, showing off your brand new bling, or showing of your cool holiday picss sharing a game or file, well I think I have outlived those days of adding friends here and there, don’t matter if I am called a social outcast, or doesnt matter if people think I am outdated, Well to me it all dont matter now, If you want me, or msg me, get me through me email I have 6 accounts, and also I am always online in my MSN 24-7, I will most likely to msg you on the next hour or even the next day, If its more urgent I would most definitly call you no matter where in the wold you are.. as for Friendster.. I think its going down, looking at everyones profile, not many seems to have logged in, anoither thing I’ve notice is that some people are getting married.. but kept quiet over the days .. ahha .. anway Congrats to all of you all whom have gotten married but decided to hush hush.. and god bless you and your future family !


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