Long Lost FRIENDS !!!

this falls under the category of LOVE, and yes.. but not those kinda lovey dovey, this is about sisterly love, a love from a friend (internet) and I really didnt know how it went to that, I miss my internet sister, I call her tai ka cher, and she used to be so nice and listen and solve my problems, I dont know how we went adrift and never emailed each other then, now All I have is a reminise of emails that was sent, mostly our conversation went on with ICQ (1999) the time of icq went peaked, and where it goes UH-OH in almost every night till dawn with friends all over the world, I dont think it is still alive as now everyone is messengering with yahoo or msn, but yes I am trying to track back my friend

The only information I have of you is that you went to london and to a University in Leicester, (your email is yel1@leicester.ac.uk) which is non-active., I tried emailing to that address to contact you but no anvil.. and you go by the name of S.Y.E. Law, thats the only initial I can find, I usually able to track people down using the net, but if you are not online that often I dont think I can see you anymore.. I felt kinda sad that We drifted apart cause you were there for me when I needed someone to talk to, and I want to say thank you once again.

there is a list of people I lost contact with. another is my kor in aussie, I wonder what you doing now, I hope you reply to the email I sent you.

So Miss Elaine Law S.Y.E if you reading this, do email me back at isaac976@msn.com or add me in msn. I hope to see you one day.


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