Black Sunday

Today is what I call a "Black Sunday" never have I encounter people so weird yet so crazy .. in better terms we put it, ECCENTRIC ! I have seen people carrying bears and this is not a young little girl I am talking.. but .. never mind .. lets skip that today has been the worst day ever in my work life, I have never seen people so strange.. looks like I have named all the terms for eccentric and well do add in more if you know any, I bet there are many which are way crude .. and I do know them but not going to use em, As Joselyn’s tag line in MSN, "why is life so difficult" well its true, but life’s got to be difficult as "god" wants to test us on our journey to a better self righteousness, I know that no matter what you do, There is always eyes on you, and if you don’t give your best then you shall fail yourself, but failure is never the option and yet you pick yourself up from mistakes one at a time.

Complains? is this the nature of people ? I really truly ask myself sometimes wondering what satisfaction do they get when they complain? is it a high from bullying those customer service officers or those workers at the eatery? do they make themself more superior knowing that they are the customers? I think I have enough thoughts to pen down a whole set of books about customer service and peoples attitude towards the workers after working in this line for over 1 half year, what can I say.. internal or external to me they are all customers as long you are holding a position in the company, looks like the fat lady is going to sing very soon.. and we will see how things take flight !

Take care life has its bumps and its ups and its down.. well for today its surely BLACKENED my thoughts …


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