Four Seasons Durian a Miss !!

Lawrence and Ah Pek just came to Sing a few days ago, Lawrence as his usual self came for a MEeting while Ah pek just flew in from Shanghai, So guess what, As usual I would be the food recommendator and would bring them round island for good food, One place where I really damm paiseh and brought them there was this place called Four Seasons Durian at Still Road, Upper East Coast let me show you this map of the establisment
Back to the blog, And yup thats the place of the so called famous durian stall where all durian lovers would congregrate for a durian feast, it claims to be a hangout for durian lovers and foodist alike, Well for today and never again I would not step into this establisment, Want to know why ? explanation later, review of this place first, I always read blogs about establisment and how they are and what kind service they give, as its a sure fire way to know if the place is really living up to its standards I have read this place for its notorious hardsell tactics for durians etc..etc.. but I didnt believe it, cause I know this place is kinda classy and should be worth going to, BOY WAS I WRONG !! and should have listen to those comment to avoid this place.. I told lawrence that there was this good durian place and this was it, We actually drove there all the way from Orchard as they picked me up after work for dinner, and we wanted some dessert, we parked the car there and went to look for some durians, there was not like introduction or anything like it, just say, hey this is the best, come take .. 1kg $20 dollar, so We were still looking around and this guy just took his knife ask Lawrence say hey look this is yellow skin and very good, even before lawrence could say anything as he was consulting us on which to get or choose,  this old guy took the knife and cut open the skin to reveal the yellow skin and showed it to lawrence, Then I told lawrence hey the D24 should be ok, then the guy walked over and then took another one and say this is white skin ok ok , cut open it again to reveal the felsh that its white, as there were 5 of us, I said ok, everyone says ok la.. anything will do, He took the D24 and the other Moh Suang Wo or watever its called and placed it together, claims Lawrence give him the go ahead to cut it open and says that we want it, We were merely looking at it let alone say yet to it, this guys then started being pushy and says hey you must take it, cause open already, I was actually fuming mad, but kept cool, hey they are they one with knife, I wanted to give in and say ok la pay them oni la, but lucky Chee Ping was there also and said yes we did not even ask for you to open the durian, HE was the one who opened it and shove it to us for us to purchase it, (I am guessing must be Lawrence Merc that made them think we can afford) anyway we haggle them and said NO we are not taking it and only the D24, we ate the D24 and yucks .. not even creamy and not even nice.. for your info Stay away from this con place and just stick to Geylang where I can find my friendly Ah Beng and AH Seng. I can tell you where is good and way cheaper then this so called Four Seasons Durian (WHAT A CON) ARGH !! i felt cheated cause I asked Lawrence to Go .. damm paiseh man !!  should have eaten my durian at my regular stall at least they would even replace me if the durian is not up to par..

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    30/03/2010 at 3:22 pm

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