today is Jan 08 2009

today is January 08 and its already 21min past 12. I neglected this blog for the longest time and I have not written my thoughts in it for so long, I have so much to share yet I deny my self of this pleasure of penning down my thoughts on this online realm, I have been doing nothing but lazing and catching up on books and papers inked with news from the past, not current mind you, but still its news, I feel that I don’t have time for myself, putting on weight in my midsection and eating too much of junk and not fresh produce. I feel this is really a bad sign for me, Not feeling as good as before a year ago ? whats causing this ? I really don’t know,

Deteriorating health and fitness certainly ain’t helping, bought a Wii thinking it will give me some workout or some challenge, but I always find cheating ways to win the stage and yet I feel satisfied thinking that I have done myself good, haha, Havent been clubbing, havent been drinking, havent been.. .. well u get the point, guess time grows on you on stopping you doing everything. But this year yet to pen my resolution down, and I can tell you this years resolution despite the economy crisis, I will wanna ride this year like a bull by its horns. Well see how it goes. I will remind myself on and on on the achievement I have done and failures I have made for myself on 08, I have tons of pictures to upload. Keep you guys posted.. I promise I will do it tomorrow. Love you all


2 responses

  1. M.

    Bought a Wii to give you a workout?!? My god, is this the Isaac I know who used to cycle from Klang to KL, climb rocks and conquered a 9-hour adventure race?!


    22/01/2009 at 4:35 am

  2. Isaac

    haha .. well .. its just temporary, i will never let the fats take over my muscle and endurace, preseverence will prevail


    09/02/2009 at 5:03 am

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