Experience of buying a Singapore Car !!

I tell you, its been a Harrowing Experience looking for cars in Singapore, how I wish I was in Malaysia where to buy a car is as easy as 1,2,3. First you pick a car, two you agree on the price and inspect the car, three: get the bank loan and pay the bugger and drive off, Its that easy, okok .. i am missing a few more steps like insurance and road tax,, etc..etc.. I just wanna make it sound simpler, but in my experience, Never had a problem buying a car in Malaysia till I came to Singapore and wanting to buy my first car,
Let me tell you the problems I have faced, Singapore goverment makes it super had for someone to buy a car, they place barriers like OMV, PARF, ICU, TRANSFER, PAPER
here is one example of people explaining, let me know if you understand, I STILL dont understand
" Year 2000-2004 car means wear and tear are prevalent and you have to set aside some money to do some repairs and replacement of parts. Overall, I prefer used cars as it is cheaper (since first owner already suffered e blunt of depreciation/losses). If you have experience with used cars, it’s much cheaper to get a used car.

Another factor to consider for cars of those few years, the COE value is higher, thus the paper value of the cars will also be higher, which translate to higher annual depreciation.

Depreciation works this way. Take the buying price, less the 10yrs PARF value (minimum) and divide the difference over the period of use.

If you buy a 2000 car (example) and thinking of renewing COE immediately, you will unlikely get a rebate on e unused COE. A 1999 car is near 10yrs due, thus if you renew COE now (from now till it’s 10yrs), e COE value lost is minimized.

Oh yes, lastly, for COE cars (beyond 10yrs), the annual road tax increases by 10% yearly till the 15th year. On year 15, you will be paying 150% of the actual tax. Eg, if the annual road tax is $950/yr, for a 15yrs old car, you will pay $1,425 (being, $950 x 150%) "

Aiyo… got money so hard to buy car in Singapore, how how how.. hope to buy it end of this month before I go TAiwan.. if I was in Msia .. hahah .. BMW 320ci liao lor.r.

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    31/03/2009 at 9:55 am

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