OMG !!! I CANT BELIEVE WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO ME WATCHING ANIME, I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT WATCHING THIS ANIME CALLED DETROIT METAL CITY, ooooopss sorry if it was all caps, just got into the mood of screaming after watching 9 episodes of DMC, its just hilarious and evil I tell you, I have never encounter a anime that made me laugh so much, I got to know about this anime when I went to catch the EVER SUPER BORING "WATCHMEN" in theathers and there it was preview for this opening in March 19th in Singapore, DETROIT METAL CITY other wise known as "DMC" , here was the trailer I saw and Its in this blog just for you…


Its so RAwKiNG !!! I cant wait to see the full movie, I guess the full movie will be only out this 19th, but in another hand, I would be able to view it in sneakpreview tomorrow. NgeK NGeK ngEK!! its so rawking.. LONG LIVE THE DEMON EMPORER KRAUSER !! here is one of my favourite scene in the anime..


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