1-Star Kayak course

It was a long drawn decision to join this course as I already had the skills to do it, I already did it in Langkawi Open sea where I island hopped from one to the other in the open sea, Putrajaya and also the best kayaking experience is THAILAND in the River Kwai where the current was strong and god knows whats in the river (man, those were really the days) but I joined this because NUS needs you to be certified to join this race called LegNPaddles, so boh pian lor join lor. check this picture and the link http://legsandpaddles09.blogspot.com/

well, I was thinking that the course was going to be for like beginners, I was there early at the Kallang Water Sports, and was waiting on the other side, HaHA .. first day and lost my bearing, Saw how everyone was so young, I think i feel old doing all this already, guess, its really to show I AM OLD !! how to join all my adventure races again ! fhis course is very informative if you are interested in watersports. First day coach was named B.Y and he was very informative on the first day we learnt about.

  1. The Kayak  (bow *front, Stern *back, Portside*left, *starboard Right, Hull *bottom, Tagline *ropes on the side of the Slalom, RTM *smaller kayak)
  2. PFD *penis for dykes just kidding its personal flotation device
  3. Launching off the deck
  4. Strokes like Foward, Backward, Reverse, Right Turn, Left Turn, lateral movement aka Jdraw, obsolete Classic Draw
  5. 50meter swim on PFD
  6. lauch from beach and how to get off the kayak in the beach
  7. capsizing (damm fun) 

Second day was a short one, trainer was Justin and we had to learn a few important stuff like:

  1. Stern Rudder (drifting in layman terms)
  2. X-ted crafted rescue
  3. moving in straight line *not a easy task will try to improve

I would like to thank Mixue for her picture taking session, she was kind enough to bring a cam, I wanted to but I did not, I always take picture even if its in the water. link to her blogsite ——> http://mixue.blogspot.com/ and here are the pic. Thank you all, You all were fun ! mixue, dont worry you still manage to came up on the boat after the X-rescue, we should do the butt entry next time !


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