Feed The POOR !

The Bread project was created by Lucie Buchbiner whom is a advocate for the homeless and this Bread Project is a nonprofit organization Oakland, California that teaches low-income adults to become bakers. Its classes are run as a program at Berkeley Unified School District‘s Berkeley Adult School, and also sponsored by the Oakland Unified School District.

The project runs seven 9-week sessions per year, each with
enrollment of 15-20 students. Topics include baking bread, pastries,
and cakes, cake decoration, other food training, as well as
professional job skills such as resume drafting and preparing for job
interviews. It also operates a cafe, offering internships to graduating
students. The mission is to prepare disadvantaged people, who would
otherwise be unemployed, for entry-level jobs in food service but this has nothing to do with that bread project, I am talking about a different project called the BREAD ART PROJECT which will give $1 to every piece of Bread art you created.. isnt that cool, so please help the future americans ! WE LOVE YOU AMERICA ! this is my work piece.. so YAY ! i donated a measly buck without actually donating ! Aint that cool ! so to help the poor, please log on to =====> BREAD ART PROJECT  <======


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