I really have to salute the American Culture and attitude towards creativity, I have to give the ball to them, In terms of creativity they are second to none. I totally respect them, from commercials to ingenuity, to fast food to science and medical breakthrough etc..etc.. u keep naming it and it never ends, They have unlimited resources and they always know what is original.. You must think that i am going to talk about phone technology or building concepts but this is totally crazy, its out of the box !
Speaking of culture, We asians are always within comfort space, I am not saying that its a bad thing, hey I am Asian, I love Asian but I totally envy the open concept and free speech of Western society, there are pro’s and there are con’s to everything that happens in every society, so please dont hate yourself for being in your own state of ind ! embrace yourself but learn from other cultures, this is how we better our self ! anyway what I am talking about here is A WEDDING WALK IN ENTRANCE ! you wont see those normal ** YAWN ** asian walk in, this is what I want to do If i could,  please do enjoy, Anand posted this in FB, its so cool that I just have to put it in my blog to remind myself that creativity comes from within and how your friends can amplify that creativity!! enjoy


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