Love can Kill YOU !

I actually didn’t know that I have a category that I have created under Red heartLOVERed heart, that’s the category, its suppose to talk about love hate relationship or love in general, but I think more of HATE for all the love topic, well I can CONFIRM that love can KILL YOU !! most definitely, I’ve seen tons of this love killing situation, oh and I don’t mean things that people do to kill LOVE, this is love KILLING us,


I was at Dragonfly cause its a fav haunt of my friend, I don’t really like to go there cause I don’t speak Chinese lingo that well, So most chicks there are not communicable for me there. He was mending a broken heart, I feel so sorry for that poor boy, so lost in love like a puppy, he somewhat comes out as a strong person, but really this love can break a strong man and make him like a girl. Whats so powerful about love? I asked him this question,

"WHY DO you love her so much?" obviously the answer is somewhat magical again! "I don’t know, and how can you tell if you are in lovee"  I was like.. oooookkkaaayyyyy… actually its true, when you are in love you dont know why,  its true when people say love knows no boundary, or no mountain to high, or river to deep, This love thing is really powerful,

Changing one person mood from good Open-mouthed to bad Angry or vice versa, but this love thing really will get someone killed Sarcastic or mangled to death, entwine with their love sick heart Broken heart, so we were at this Dragon place and by 2pm close to 3pm, he was unsober till the extent he was sitting on the balcony saying "i feel like dying"  no joke, security down stairs was saying "hey get off the balcony" LOL Open-mouthed I was beside him pulling Left hug him down. so he said PUNCH ME ! I won’t punch back ! totally funny, cause of his drunk expression,Eye-rolling he said I will give her my heart, yeah go ahead, Why can’t they see there are so many girls out there still ? openly available, openly sweet, cute etc..etc..etc.. things that will make you go lovey dovey all over again ! thats what I call loveRed heart . and so yes .. many people Died for love! Wilted roseLITERALLY DIED. I have come to know two suicide for their love one,Confused and many other cases I have heard over love problems, sad but thats life, Depression got the best of them, and I can tell you I am one of them who can’t control as well ! So people who wanna kill you self for love? think carefully of the ripple effect after your death OK ! don’t be selfish !  So to the BRO that was with me at the bar yesterday ! one word of advice there are many other chicks out there ! you will find a better one ! Rainbow


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