The HangOver 2009

I know I know, The movie is not out and and I am doing the review, anyway forget how I have watched the movie but this movie is RaWking, Totally interesting and I think something which happens often in Vegas, have not been there but I think its quite normal for this kind of stuff to happens in Vegas, well minus the Mike Tyson part, but who knows it does happens,

Ok this movie tells us about how 4 guys who recently made a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate one of the guys bachelor party, it in turns that after a short toast on the roof top turns out to be the WILDEST night they every will have, in this matter ANYONE will have, don’t think anyone can top that seriously ! but there story here is unique because they do not tell you what have happened the night, they just show you one of the friend making a phone call in the afternoon telling the bride its off cause they lost the GROOM ! no shit, he call’s the bride in a pretty shabby shape, with a bruised up face and blood everywhere, another guy had his TOOTH lost without him knowing what happend? well its a good show for short laughs, I know I did enjoy this movie and I bet you will too here is the trailer for this movie ! do catch it this weekend opening in Cinemas all over.


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