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Shoes or ME ?

Saturday is just round the corner, Feeling that 2 days of weekend is not enough, not eough to train, everyday has been raining, took out my new Asic shoes to run again but yet it still slicing into my soles of my feet, feeling very very uncomfortable in every stride I take,
People running around must think I am a poser wearing such a nice shoes but walking around in it. I should have gotten the Newtons Gravity trainer. I really had change my stride to a Mid-foot strike. I am thinking of selling the shoe off, can’t really fit into a heel strike,  cause I have to change my stride again, How ? more money and time consume to change shoes. I felt really fast running on a chi-running shoe. Really pick up my pace (not advertising) but it do feel good cause of the foward motion, but I am no quitter, once I start I will end with it.
The cushioning is really comfortable for the Asic no doubt about it but its the breaking into the shoe and changing my form again that is bothering me.How now brown cow? guess the only thing I can do is stick with it, dont complain, Oh I do run without socks for  training. I think its not really good for the feet. As I think I am getting cracks in between my toes *symptoms for  athletes foot* anyway, dont think I will be buying anymore shoes till this GT2140 worns out, like in 5 years time. or 10000km mileage. Should shoes be worn that far a mileage? or that long a period?


More about sushi ..

I have heard of this word called "Omakase" its truly unique the first time I use a Omakase when I was in a Fine Dining restaurant where the Chef prepared everything for the 7 course,

Omakase literally means entrust and basically means “chef’s choice.�” The Itamae (sushi chef) is given the opportunity to select what he will serve you for that meal, and since this commands a higher price usually than one would expect, the quality of the meal (food and presentation) and his attentiveness should make it worth your while. This is not your average meal, and it should leave you satisfied, still interested, and encouraged.

The first thing to realize is that
there is omakase and there is Omakase. By that I mean in many areas,
omakase has begun to become popular and the concept has become a diluted
experience due to less experienced restaurants jumping on the bandwagon. True omakase should result in careful attention by the Itamae, a great selection
of the freshest fish, seasonal items that you might not normally even
encounter and a presentation far beyond what you would ever see just
ordering a few pieces of sushi. You might be used to your yellowtail
(hamachi) in a roll with scallions, or as sushi, but have you ever had
it cubed and served with a raw quail egg and tobiko? I have seen plenty
of omakase platters with new and interesting presentations, as well as
unique combinations. However in some cases, where lesser understanding
results in a lower quality
what you may end up with is a bunch of sushi items that someone else
chose on a plate, perhaps still tasty, but is not that dissimilar to
what you normally see in an average order. In bad sushi restaurants it
could be a great way for the Itamae hand of items that he may want to
be rid of. Stick to respectable places and you won’t have to worry
about that. With true omakase, the Itamae should be attentive to you
and not just hand you a plate and wander off. Traditional omakase is
also not based on a particular budget, it can be a costly adventure but
well worth it if the Itamae is highly skilled.

Some feel that it is best to not have
omakase at a place where the Itamae does not know your likes and
dislikes, however I feel that the true reason for omakase is to be able
to experience
the best items that are available at that time, and in that case,
knowing you is irrelevant since it is more about what is best at that
moment than what you like. If you only like California rolls and spicy
tuna, omakase is something you might want to skip. However it is also a
great way to discover new sushi items that you may have overlooked or
never thought to try.

If you are new to omakase, you might want to keep in mind what to expect from your meal.
You must be prepared to eat things that you may have never wanted to
try or look like something you may never want to. Generally, it is not
considered polite to leave food on your plate, but then again, no one
is holding a gun to your head. On the other hand, it is not impolite to
say to the Itamae something like “Omakase, please, but no mackerel.”
You can choose to not have sashimi, no sushi, or both if you would
like. Making requests is all part of the Itamae being attentive to you.

In general, it is best to order
omakase at a restaurant that you know. Or one that is well known to
serve excellent omakase. This serving style can be easily found, but to
expect great omakase in a standard sushi place would be a mistake. It
is easy to find good sushi, but omakase takes the experience to a whole new level. It takes years of experience, deep knowledge of the food, and devotion to creating the best
meal for the customer that makes omakase great. Anything else is simply someone else’s order.

Ikura is definitely my FAV nigiri

Nokia is doing what ?

This is way way way cooler than any netbook I have seen, It is rich in features and loads of function, but we just have to patiently wait for the price ! *definitely SKY HIGH

I really wonder how will this affect the race of the netbook, I do hope all prices will come down as I am looking to upgrade my laptop, My baby Acer has been with me for over 4 years now, its running fine and still going strong, despite the few upgrades I did to ensure that it keep itself up to date, its still looks pretty run down after so many years of usage, but hey like I always say if its not broken why fix it! lets see whats the price of this Nokia baby ! if its good and within range why not !

Legs N Paddles Report

Its Legs N Paddles Day, woke up at 7.30am cause starting time is 8.40am, Girl came along cause she is only flying off at 3 in the afternoon, glad she came along, had my own cheerleader! yeah ! sure perked me up, anyway some pictures to go along the report

Boy in Jacket : Hi Can you show me where is the Start Point
Boy in blue: Sure, you can start at the Overweight category where it says Pig House !
Boy In Jacket: Sure Oinkyou ! I mean Thank you *wondering how that guy in blue knew I was a pig

What a sight at 8:00am in the morning ! perfect morning, everything will be even more perfect if there was more cooling wind.

My Transition place, Towel, H2o and Shoe for the short run, NO socks again, Always love running with no socks

All the PFD (personal flotation device) and morning briefing and then we are on the water, from there 8:57am only started as was waiting for wave 2 people to join in the water, so Air horn blare and I started paddling like there was no tomorrow, didn’t know I maintained my 5th position till 3km mark, I really couldn’t keep the kayak straight, hey what do you expect its my 2nd time kayaking after like many years. Didn’t even practice for this, Running is my only vice. 2 other guys cut me and I fell back to 7th place while kayaking, but when I went on land and transit …
That has got to be girls favourite picture, she kept laughing thinking why is there 3 guys waiting for me, me on the transit, see no socks ! haha .. by the time I started running, blazed off immediately I cut two guys who was in 3rd and 4th place. Straight into 2km I felt a stitch, DARN it.. it always happens when I don’t warm up. While running most turn has marshal guiding the run, till we ran till the first sticker collection, number 32 ran a short cut, I told one of the marshal dont know if she is going to report, but I didn’t care, emailed the relevant party to say that number 032 ran a shorter route, I am not in the top 10 but Its dishonesty
I believe everyone should be honest ! No honesty No glory !

coming in after the run, look at the smile on my face, didn’t really push hard, It has always been my style, never push that’s why I never placed or position. I just race to better my own ! its not for fame nor glory. I want to enjoy this for the rest of my life ! anyway ! GREAT DAY
signing off ! !! hope they have more of this in the future, pretty fun and different from normal race day ! Still ain’t found the cash to buy my bike, hope one day I pray hard that my bike will come ! then I can start my Tri-training before transitioning to my Ironman Phase. wish me luck !

My Favourite Itamae (Nogawa-San)

This is about Sushi, I have been reading about sushi so much these few days it sparked my hunger for Sushi, and here’s how to pick the perfect sushi restaurant. 

  • Eat only at the best place you can find. Many sushi bars are a bit
    expensive, but quality usually sucks, so price is no indicator of
    quality. Ask Japanese people where they go to eat sushi and go there.
  • Stick to one or two good places once you find them. Regulars get better sushi and better overall service than casual patrons.
  • A good Japanese restaurant is most often not a good sushi place. A good sushi place is usually a good Japanese restaurant.
  • Count the number of Japanese sitting at the sushi bar. The more
    Japanese people eating there, usually the better the sushi. Remember:
    Japanese people are manic about quality.
  • Most often than not, avoid the restaurants with little boats of
    sushi parading along a large sushi bar. It’s a great gimmick, but
    remember that those restaurants are to sushi what McDonald’s is to
    prime rib.
  • The only chain of sushi restaurants in the world worth visiting (in fact, I encourage you to) belongs to Nobuyuki Matsuhisa.
    Nobu is arguably the best sushi chef in the world, and has opened a
    chain of small but high-quality (and pricey) restaurants in major
    cities in the US and in Europe.

Warning signs that you probably won’t get good sushi

  1. The fish and other seafood are not on display at the sushi bar
  2. The fish and other seafood on display look dry
  3. The sushi chef or (worse) a food server wants to take your order for all sushi items at once
  4. The sushi chef doesn’t give you a chance to order “one or two pieces at a time”, Japanese style
  5. The restaurant advertises “all you can eat sushi” for a fixed price
  6. The menu items are not listed in Japanese followed by a translation; they appear only in your native language
  7. The menu consists mostly of rolled sushi with names like California Roll or Oriental Delight
  8. More than half of the available ingredients are cooked
  9. The sushi chef hasn’t the vaguest idea of what you’re talking about
    if you ask for kazunoko, shiso, inago, chirashi, or yama gobo
  10. The morsels of fish atop nigiri pieces are so large that you can
    barely see the rice underneath (believe it or not, some people think
    that the sushi place is good because you get big pieces of fish). Big
    pieces of fish are good as long as the fish quality is good.
  11. The sushi rice is flavorless; sushi rice must have a delicate aroma and flavor
  12. The restaurant is part of a chain or franchise

If four or more of the conditions above are met, leave the place immediately and head to a different restaurant.

How to Order Your Food and Drinks

sushi is not about filling yourself with raw fish. Eating sushi is an
experience–some say a ritual–that involves all your senses. Serious sushi
can only be eaten at the bar because that’s the only place where you’ll
see the colors, inhale the aromas, share the laughter, and taste the
food fully immersed in the environment. Plan on a one and a half to two
hour meal.

  1. Eat at the sushi bar.
  2. Greet the other people at the bar and start conversation with them; sushi is about community.
  3. If you cannot eat at the bar, walk to it and check the quality of the fish before ordering.
  4. Greet the itamae (sushi chef)
    even if you don’t eat at the bar. He’ll recommend special stuff if he
    recognizes you as a regular and/or someone who truly knows how to eat
  5. Remember that itamae are not just “cooks”. They have traditions
    dating back to the time of the samurai. These same guys fed the meanest
    leanest macho hombre warriors of Japan. Be respectful and you shall
    enjoy the best sushi.
  6. Order all sushi items from the itamae, everything else from the food servers.
  7. Order sashimi (selection of fresh fish slices) first; ask the sushi
    chef for his choice of fish. He knows what’s fresh today better than
    you. “Please prepare what you think is freshest,” is the best way to
    order. Let him be creative.
  8. Order one kind of sushi at a time, maximum three if the bar is
    busy. That could be nigiri, maki or temaki. Big plates are for the
    table only.
  9. If you are a regular, let the itamae decide what you’re having and at what pace it is served.
  10. Don’t rush through your meal. Eat at McDonald’s if you want to eat fast.
  11. If you’re at the bar and in a bit of a hurry (i.e. have a half hour to eat or so), order a chirashi,
    a small lacquered box with a bed of sushi rice, a bit of sugar, some
    pickled veggies and a chef’s selection of fish and mollusks. This way
    you’ll get all your sushi at once in a single serving and then leave.
    Eat it with chopsticks.
  12. Pickled vegetables, sprouts, and some things like ankimo (monkfish
    liver) are OK to order from the sushi chef if you see them advertised
    at the bar.
  13. Don’t be afraid to ask for things not listed in the menu. Chances
    are the chef has them under the counter for those people (like you) who
    truly know what they’re doing. Kazunoko, inago, hebo and idtakko fall
    in this category.
  14. If the bar is busy and you feel like you can’t wait, order some
    edamame (boiled soy beans), suimono(clear broth) or misoshiru
    (fermented soy bean soup) to keep you busy until the sushi chef can
    take care of you.
  15. Eat sushi with moderation. More than 10 kinds of fish, crab, and clams is too much because your palate numbs.
  16. Drink green tea, beer, or sake with your sushi. Soft drinks spoil
    the taste and white wine is for snobs. Remember there are more than 300
    kinds of sake, so at least one will be better than the cheap Chardonnay
    they offer by the glass.
  17. If you’re drinking sake, keep in mind that not all sake is heated for consumption. Nigori (unfiltered) sake looks like milk; drink it cold. For hot sake, ask for Sho Chiku Bai. Ask the itamae for more exotic drinks like gold sake (with real gold flakes in it!)
  18. If the sushi is excellent and you’re having a good time, offer to
    buy a drink for the itamae and his assistants. You will discover that
    most Japanese itamae drink Budweiser (as observed in San Francisco,
    Beverly Hills, Chicago, New York, and Moscow). Don’t offer to buy
    drinks during lunch; this is an evening tradition.
  19. Don’t be surprised if your itamae pours you a glass of the special
    reserve sake he keeps under the bar if he realizes that you know your
    sushi and how to order it. Thank him, raise your glass and toast by
    saying “kampai!”.
  20. Tips:
    The itamae and rest of the staff are tipped separately unless you pay
    the bill with a credit card. The bulk of the tip must go to the itamae.

Whats for dinner ?

I am not a food blog neither a critic, but a food lover and a cook by heart, to be honest I eat everything, except for hardened blood and internal organs which I do not approve (not trained to eat not cause I don’t like it). I have eaten bugs, I have eaten rabbit, crocodile and deer, not that adventurous to eat dog meat and dog food yet, enough of the exotics, today has been a lazy day for me, had a good dim sum breakfast in Hwa Nam in Upper Thomson but didnt take much picture cause its just so-so, had this fried carrot cake I find it very delicious. The so much raved KL Hokkien Mee was OK-LA, not something that will make me think of everyday when I want to eat Hokkien mee like in JLN 222.  Went to Thomson Plaza to buy dinner groceries, did not know they had a free Valet Parking, Girl was asking what is the catch? how come free? nothing is free ma.. what do you think?

Did practically nothing much today just laze at home and was about to sleep, but girl came and poke my nose and made all sorts of jumping maneuver in bed, but still I wont budge, 😛  too bad, this pig is to solid to budge. Woke up at 4pm to cook, badabing badaboom ! Dinner served at 5.30pm, here is the extensive menu we prepared,, ahem .. I prepared.. okla.. girl just dry out the vege

oh so yummy delicious home made garlic bread, made with 6 wholesome goodness ingredients and with vitamin S too, vitamin S is salt if you want to know,  The Long Flat Moscato was a good pairing, so please I strongly suggest you should go get a bottle to bring to your friends house to share, it was light and fruity after going with such light ingredient, nothing heavy for dinner, cause going for a race tomorrow, so heading to bed soon,  Race Report tomorrow ! Bye Bye

my results

this is namawee

this is so hilarious ! i laughed my ass off, but do check the hot babe on 3:37 ! ———–> NAMAWEE POTONG WOR !! <————— u guys for sure know who is nama wee right ? spread it out . .spread the love and laughter