Durian Frenzy !

Whats happening? durian after durian, kinda like a craving, stuffing myself with durian in this past two days, had the Chee Cheong Fun last night in my previous blog, yum yum, also woke up this morning having durian breath, sent Daniel and Kim back to the brothers place before they head back to Msia, brought them to army market to eat the famous Pork Ribs noodle, am pretty sure lots of people ate that dish already, I went there craving for ROC pizza, but guess what? they only open at 12.30pm, darn it .. missed it again..so the next best thing in that food court would be the SL muffins (not the greatest of cam but hey what can a blackberry cam do to a real Cam)

(oh my oh my) lemme open it to show you whats inside of it…

clockwise from top left: Raisin, Blueberry, Strawberry, Lemon, Banana and guilty as charged "DURIAN" muffin !!

No durian oozing out but hey, one bite of it and you are hooked ! I love it cause they use real DURIAN, trust me, its worth the every $1.50 ~!! why am I eating that first rather than the rest? cause its only good for today, as instructed ! NO KEEPING ! sure it’s my pleasure to finish it aunty ! WHOOP one mouth and its gone ! haha .. love the taste of the muffin, my car smelt like durian after Dan and Kim packed for their road trip back. So visit SL muffins in Army Market Food court, if you need address lemme know.

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