Twitter me timbers

  I always heard of this phrase, Follow me on Twitter, twit this twit that? yesterday, I went on twitter and got myself some twitting account, and found out why people use Twitter. I always wonder why people wanna use twitter, here are the layman terms I would use for twitter

1. its like RSS feed but its BETTER
2. its like updating blog but its FASTER
3. its like keeping tabs on friends but its not SNOOPING
4. its like FlckR but its FASTER
5. its like news but its COOLER
6. its like sex but you are more ADDICTED
7. its like booze but it gives you a HIGH
8. its like drugs but hey its TWITTER

yeah, those are my layman term dividing the fine line between twitter and RSS, Blogging, flicker, news and SEX, DRUG and ALCOHOL !!!  sure why not, twitter does all that and more for me. OK not the sex part or alcohol or booze,, need the real thing, *that reminds me I have to visit uncle Jack and Mister Daniel soon, haven’t been seeing them often. Back to the . I wanna share this with you guys cause I dont want you all missing out on this. Most people facebook, but I don’t do FB, I just wanna Twit and Blog  If you are still clueless like I am in the first place here is a site that will help you, TWITTER HELP PORTAL <——– click here, I know I did for 3 to 4 times ! Sorry la I know I am a twit !! have fun ! do follow me at


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