Green Day 21st Century

Am actually listening to Greenday at the moment, this guys have been our influence since we were teenager with albums like Kerplunk, Dookie *it was my favorite, Insomniac, Nimrod and Warning, the rest I didn’t kinda listen to it cause music taste kinda change, then all of a sudden was driving in my car and I heard this familiar voice, but I was thinking it couldn’t be them, the song totally don’t have the PUNK element in it, but there are some similarity to the voice, you can never forget the voice of Billie Joe Armstrong, and I was right, the music that was playing on the radio was 21 Guns by none other than GREEN DaY ! Went out and found out that they just released a new album called 21st Century, got myself the album and started listening to them, no doubt i feel they definitely have toned down but they still belt out AWESOME rawking tunes !! So here is GreenDay with 21 Guns.  Hey emily, here is the song you wanna pole with, sorry couldn’t send it to you, too big a file to send. anyway lemme know when you have choreograph your dance move for this, I wanna see ya moveeeeee..


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