Land of snailnet

I am in the land of snail net , not SAIL net .. but SNAIL net .. everything here seems to be crawling at a slow pace, I will not be updating my post till 12th aug, will do take picture of baby J God-daughters 1st Bday.. cant wait to see her.. As I am typing this I am falling asleep, I am not sure whats the speed of this connection at this place but lemme check
Latency : ping 116ms
Download Spd: 0.53mbps
Upload spd: 0.19mbps
This has got to be the worst in the world check the link out, ——>STUPID ISP CONNECTION  <—— I use this website to check on my speed connection everytime, its called its pretty reliable, check yours out today ! will update again if I can find a fast speed connection other wise it will be on the 12th of august , Follow me on twitter for updates once in a day, for this few days ! hve fun guys and HAPPY NATIONAL DAY SINGAPORE !!

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