wake me up when August ends

I hate this month, cause I believe in every year there is this month it would be the most terrible month or what I call it the BAD LUCK month,
in the span of 2 days on the 7th and 8th of this month, what happened was :
1) Some idiot in a truck braced my car
2) Got my keys locked in the car as my alarm went crazy
3) Found out some people dont keep their mout shut ! well that person is definilty on my Blacklist for sure
4) Found that my cousin died and he is only 32 !
what bad luck is going to happened and added to the list, Took my new shoe and went out to break it in, told bryan there will definitly be blisters, so true enough did about 1mile and my arch already starts to brace the bottom of the sole, after another half mile I just couldnt run anymore, felt so weak, 400meters in 1min.43sec not too bad, but that is with the  blister hurting my leg, cause every steps is like a knife slicing through.
Back in my dads place and lucky the connection speed here is better then where I was yesterday. I nearly fell asleep when posting update on twitter, yeah see the connection speed I had. Going out for my hair cut now, Hope the he wont cut a hole in my head or the power trip when cutting my hair, will post a before and after picture of my hair cut, I am very sure some of you are to say that "what hair cut ??"
going for god daughters Bday, cant wait to see her ! will post when I am back in Singapore

One response

  1. Henry

    hey.. my condolence to your cousin family… after all the bad luck, good luck will come along.. no Worries.. life is a journey, and we still have a long road to walk..or in ur case.. run..


    09/08/2009 at 8:09 am

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