tried to blog but been block

sigh, I tried to blog last two days ago when I was back to show you the yummy food I had when I was back home, but then the stupid msn blocked me for no reason, it was just like stagnant and cant press publish entry, so everything got jammed up and then all my post was gone, frustrated at two attempts then I gave up, I am trying today again to see if it works, this time I am not going to elaborate like the last two failed blog post I did, just going to put in brief,

I am just going to post this two picture, one showing clams steamed with alcohol and I can tell you that its FABULOUS, nothing taste like this and its HEAVEN !! serious.. not one person that I brought to this place will say that the clams are so-so, oh the waiting time, 1hour to 1half on a busy day, normal days prepare to wait for 40min to 1 hours, the other picture is just dried fried beehoon the perfection of the way the cooked it was absolutely yummy !

Oh ya .. accident happend near my place, guess the guy must have fell asleep or either he was going fast and wanting to avoid someone.

Ok I am not going to blog anymore about my trip back .. will blog more later on my goodies bag for these two coming weekend


One response

  1. Isaac

    is this the place to get the clams in singapore


    15/08/2009 at 7:35 am

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