I have been looking foward to this run from the day I have signed up, I have had my hopes to be in sub 2 category but hopes have been dashed and yes Its really my unlucky month, let me explain.
Hey don’t critize my morning look, it was 4.30am and i slept at 2.30am, bad sleep management I know hence the sleepy eye, Anyway was nearly late for my start off, but luckily manage to find a parking and off I go, some army boys actually directed me to the wrong place for bag deposit, this is one half that I didn’t care to plan, cause usually its in the same place, but boy was I so wrong, bag deposit was along the stretch of road rather than at the Padang, so mistake one, nearly cost me a very late starting time, nevertheless microchip time will save me. I think I started at 5.45am, also mistake 2, nearly left my heart rate monitor at the pavement when unpacking and wearing my shoe getting ready. DARN it.. so started running, lucky those bunch of early starters left off early, so more space to run, and boy was I so wrong, I am going to skip 1,2,3 till the 8km mark review cause it was a good run, my 1st km mark time from my watch was 6min, to a 10k would cost me an hour, I sped up till 8k mark saw my watch under 45min, so gained time there,

TILL the bad planning starts around km9 when going into East Coast road, I always train here so I know whats the road width and condition is like, just imagine on a regular day training here would have me zig zagging out of peoples way, let alone a 20k people running event. Had to eventually slow to a jog pace and last checked HR was down to 147- 155bpm so not a good sign, water station had no water, and poor army boys was just had no time to pour the water as hands just kept grabbing cups after cups, so slow crawl all the way in East Coast runway, lost a good 6 to 8 mins there. I am sure some of you felt the same as well, when exiting Fort Road and coming into Mount Batten road was a good breeze, by the time I had miss a refreshment station giving out Banana I know shit I am going to be short of energy hitting 10k mark, and I was so right, by the 15k my legs feeling every pound of the pavement lucky by the next stop there was a banana station, grabbed one and broke it in half saving the other for later, felt better but cause I missed the first banana station I was stopping at every water station and 100 plus, bloating myself with water cause hungry liao ma, never bring power gel this time. I can tell u by the 16k mark my legs felt like a light vehicle carrying heavy load, but still no cramp, just that my engine is heating up, took water from station and pouring over my head, 17th and 18k mark took forever, after the East Coast slowdown, I didnt bother to look at my timing cause I know I wont be hitting my sub 2 already, but lets just put it as it is at the moment, (Still wanna be optimistic) 19k seems like forever to reach, cause my shoes were soaking with 100plus and water, haha and its already eating my last toe of my right leg, now shifting weight to my left leg so I wont blister farther,

20k mark was passing through the F1 paddock, felt so good looking at the magnificent structure and the capability of putting barriers on road which is meant for people in such a short notice really impress me, I actually slowed down to a crawl at this part as my energy kinda like spent, but jogging pace till I heard this song !!!  EYE OF THE TIGER by the SURVIVOR , SUPERB timing and REALLY BOOSTED my spirit, started composing myself and running my regular speed again despite aching feet and heating engine. just to share with you if you don’t know the song


after the paddock went under the Sheares bridge to cross the Esplanade , and before turning into One Fullerton, I caught a glimpse of a finishing line, WOW !! I was so happy, sped up even more to that turning and false alarm I tell you, POTONG STEAM, it was the finishing line for the 6km fun run. (see this is to teach me to study map route everytime before a race) Anyway looking right I saw people running towards the Padang and I guess I have about 800meters to go, turning into Jalan Penang Army officer was shouting only 300 meter to go! that felt good ! speed up all the way to the finishing line having a time of 2:15min in my watch, not sure of official timing yet. Dont think it will be sub 2 cause of East Coast, but I wont give excuse to myself, I just say run faster next time.

Some pics to share at the finishing line, Some dude proposed to his GF at the 10k finishing line, it was a great moment for them. I think when the girl was finishing her run he whipped out his card and ask for her hand in marriage, so lovely,



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