Legs & Paddles

Woohooo, despite finishing the Safra Bay Run two days ago, I felt it wasn’t enough and kept thinking what is next in store, well Its actually only another 4 days to go to my next race, it will be the L&P race otherwise known as Leg’s N Paddles, took the goodie bag and was happy about the T-shirt that came with it, was talking to Drew about his Bay run, he told me he finished in 1hr and 16min, I was like jaws dropped on the floor and eyes popping cause that is like 20mins more than the fastest time in elite category, world record for Half marathon is 58min and 33sec, so I was like WOW !! eLite Man !! then kept talking asking him to train me, then I found out at last he did that timing for 10k run, hahha .. well anyway don’t care la, we all run for our own personal best. Here I am speaking about the Leg’s and Paddles

great looking yellow t-shirt, Hahah kind love the yellow colour, also that in another 2 weeks I will be running for the Yellow ribbon run, so waiting for that race gear too, I think there is a yellow cap in it as well. Anyway, will clue you in on the race route for this coming weekend !


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