Legs N Paddles Report

Its Legs N Paddles Day, woke up at 7.30am cause starting time is 8.40am, Girl came along cause she is only flying off at 3 in the afternoon, glad she came along, had my own cheerleader! yeah ! sure perked me up, anyway some pictures to go along the report

Boy in Jacket : Hi Can you show me where is the Start Point
Boy in blue: Sure, you can start at the Overweight category where it says Pig House !
Boy In Jacket: Sure Oinkyou ! I mean Thank you *wondering how that guy in blue knew I was a pig

What a sight at 8:00am in the morning ! perfect morning, everything will be even more perfect if there was more cooling wind.

My Transition place, Towel, H2o and Shoe for the short run, NO socks again, Always love running with no socks

All the PFD (personal flotation device) and morning briefing and then we are on the water, from there 8:57am only started as was waiting for wave 2 people to join in the water, so Air horn blare and I started paddling like there was no tomorrow, didn’t know I maintained my 5th position till 3km mark, I really couldn’t keep the kayak straight, hey what do you expect its my 2nd time kayaking after like many years. Didn’t even practice for this, Running is my only vice. 2 other guys cut me and I fell back to 7th place while kayaking, but when I went on land and transit …
That has got to be girls favourite picture, she kept laughing thinking why is there 3 guys waiting for me, me on the transit, see no socks ! haha .. by the time I started running, blazed off immediately I cut two guys who was in 3rd and 4th place. Straight into 2km I felt a stitch, DARN it.. it always happens when I don’t warm up. While running most turn has marshal guiding the run, till we ran till the first sticker collection, number 32 ran a short cut, I told one of the marshal dont know if she is going to report, but I didn’t care, emailed the relevant party to say that number 032 ran a shorter route, I am not in the top 10 but Its dishonesty
I believe everyone should be honest ! No honesty No glory !

coming in after the run, look at the smile on my face, didn’t really push hard, It has always been my style, never push that’s why I never placed or position. I just race to better my own ! its not for fame nor glory. I want to enjoy this for the rest of my life ! anyway ! GREAT DAY
signing off ! !! hope they have more of this in the future, pretty fun and different from normal race day ! Still ain’t found the cash to buy my bike, hope one day I pray hard that my bike will come ! then I can start my Tri-training before transitioning to my Ironman Phase. wish me luck !


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