Shoes or ME ?

Saturday is just round the corner, Feeling that 2 days of weekend is not enough, not eough to train, everyday has been raining, took out my new Asic shoes to run again but yet it still slicing into my soles of my feet, feeling very very uncomfortable in every stride I take,
People running around must think I am a poser wearing such a nice shoes but walking around in it. I should have gotten the Newtons Gravity trainer. I really had change my stride to a Mid-foot strike. I am thinking of selling the shoe off, can’t really fit into a heel strike,  cause I have to change my stride again, How ? more money and time consume to change shoes. I felt really fast running on a chi-running shoe. Really pick up my pace (not advertising) but it do feel good cause of the foward motion, but I am no quitter, once I start I will end with it.
The cushioning is really comfortable for the Asic no doubt about it but its the breaking into the shoe and changing my form again that is bothering me.How now brown cow? guess the only thing I can do is stick with it, dont complain, Oh I do run without socks for  training. I think its not really good for the feet. As I think I am getting cracks in between my toes *symptoms for  athletes foot* anyway, dont think I will be buying anymore shoes till this GT2140 worns out, like in 5 years time. or 10000km mileage. Should shoes be worn that far a mileage? or that long a period?


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