technology is WunderBar !!

Its a beautiful Saturday on this early week of September, My Acer laptop has officially been corrupted by virus and its definitely not in a state of revival, but will bring out the defibrillator and let it work its magic on the 4 year old heap of plastic tonight, got to bring out some files from my HD. Still got some good life in it seemingly I only use it for surfing the net, no games, no movies, no music, ok ok .. the last two is more of the extreme side but hey it was still working fine till last wee, but this blog post is not about my handicapped laptop, its more of technology holisitcally, IMHO I really and truly think that the world has shrunk to a click ! yup, a click, well lappy down got a good book to read recommended by Sarina, its called "Tuesday with Morrie" Mitch Albom and having GORGEOUS JAZZ blasting away on my hi-fi, as Borat would say it "NICEEEEEE"

Its really beautiful with the creation of blogpost,friendster,facebook, myspace, and the latest to be tried by me TWITTER. I am now in touch with Barrack Obama, Lance Armstrong, Tony AirAsia Fernandes or even Gurmit Singh, well its not really feeling them or talking to them, even thought they can do that but dont think they have time for people like us. So what do we do, we just follow them, in twitter terms its getting to know what they are up to when they so call update their tweet/twit. The world now is so small that you can find out any ALMOST anything you wan with a click, hence the phrase "shrunk to a click"

I am not going to type in extended detail about this but just to share a thought cause I am typing this blogpost on a 10inch netbook which is made for gnomes or elfs hiding in technology land,just wanna say that technology helped me gain great friendship along the way from my Nsao of Thailand who then in turn married to my Best friends, to girls from UK, to Japan and most currently on twitter, business owners like @Standingsushi who has great PR skills but honestly I think a great friend. do visit him and say hi to him at his website click here and do follow him in his business growth in his blogsite, pretty cool and that is his wordpress background image, "NICEEEEE"

I am going to stop here, cause my fingers is getting all cramped up typing on this minisized keypad. have fun tomorrow is YellowRibbon run at changi, only a short 10k run, bet its going to be really fun ! more pics tomorrow


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