New Balance 903 review

what can i say, I have sinned, haha ,., went out to buy another pair of shoes, wanted to buy a Saucony fastwitch or the A2, but the fore foot is a bit tight due to their narrow construction of the I stuck with my NB shoes and got another new pair in the series of 903, , because my NB800 is gone, its only 3 months and i think i clocked about 500km on it already, one half marathon, countless 10k runs, countless 5k runs and not to mention training on it .. so 3 months the sole of the shoes has already smoothen out and there is no grip, will use it for short run like 5k runs.

Glad I was walking around in IMM and I got my new shoes, was thinking of a yellow or a red one, so i stuck with contemporary colour RED ! maybe i will head back to get anther yellow one. why is that so? buying two new shoes at once? cause today I came back home and quickly put it on to do a short tempo run, What Can I SAY but " THE FEELING IS GREAT" have i ever tried a pair of shoes so comfortable yet so light ! yeah THIS NB 903 is the one. it really feels like running on cushion and everytime my feet hit the pavement it feels so soft as though the road are made of cushion I knw u may think i am exagerating  here but go google for a review of this shoe, u will be surprise if the comments are the same. it may not be the newest shoe out there but it sure works for me

CLICK HERE TO READ the review, oh .. i forgot to mention that it won the editors choice shoe for runnerworld 08. so what is there to say, I am going to get my yellow pair another day


race report of yellow ribbon run later, this blog post is very short cause i am using the irritating eeepc, cant even type properly hence the many errorskeyboard is so small.. arGh !!


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