Yellow Ribbon Run Race Report

The Long Awaited Yellow Ribbon Run Report, Sunday Morning of 6th September 09, woke up at 4.50am for a 7.30am event,why is that so? cause I have to plan where is the car going to be parked in as this event is very special, so specialthat the START point is not the END point, so guess how complicated that is, lucky there are shuttle bus to bring us Girl was not working on that day so she became the number “1” supporter of mine “felt so lucky” hahah, we drove up to pick Nicole at RiverValley and back to Changi Expo, parked the car for like 2 mins there wanting to take the shuttle bus but was advise that can go to the park at the Carpark at ChangiVillage also, wasted $3bucks on parking just for that 5minAnyway the morning has not break yet as its still 6.30 in the morning, Drove to Changi and parked, not many people arrived yet, Saw Mr Teo to unlock the second prison ceremony and It then it was drizzling, slightly.There was some warm-up session before the run, thought you HAVE to warm up before the run but not like this kinda of Warmupanyway, the drizzle faded away and it was a cool morning, Flagged off, started quite in front but there are still many people ahead of us, Nicole wanted to start with the ELITES, she say lets go run with those hunks ! haha, no thanks, most prorbably you can only see then for like 2 mins and they will be GONE with the wind. Horn Blaring and Runners Running, it was fun, Saw nicole bursting off like a demon unleashed from hell, I had to burst off running to catch up then I left her running behind, I tried to maintain my stride all the way, To cut the run route short will just saw that its a very scenic route, lots of interesting thing to see, but the thing I will remember is the side line cheerleader, its not those girls I am talking about, its this group of guys and girls and the Team LEAD cheer,he was totally funny, He Shouted “STEADY” the group shout STEADY, he Shouted “STRONG” the group Shouted strong then he shouted “STEADY STRONG” they followed, after saying the combination of words I saw his face totally confused and lost, he was like looking at the group and had this blank looked in his face, he then shouted “STEADY again..all over again ! it was a hilarious sight looking at this blank and puzzled face on what to say and motivate the runners, but its all good, along the way there was this couple who parked their cars and was sitting with their dogs CLAPPING FOR ALL THE RUNNERS who passed by, TOTALLY AWESOME COUPLE ! who ever you guys are, Singapore definitely need to have more cheering spirits for events like you guys.

Came to the last 1k of the run, we had to turn into the PRISON ! wow !! PRISON i tell you.. nice,.. ran into the compound and I can tell you, this Prison field is really big, kinda remind me of PRISON BREAK, i was thinking..”WOW MICHAEL SCOFFIELD” no words to describe it, Saw Girl standing with camera from 300 meter away with the red crumpler bag and camera in Hand, shouted out to her to tell her that I am nearby, wanted to run over and kiss her
ahahah, but think she will run away with all the sweat on me, in the last 100 meter I could see the clock ticking, it was 55:30sec my PR was 58min for the Mizuno held in KL, so I was running to get 55min, I DASH for 55min timing, the guy next to me thinks I am competing with him, SO HE DASH !! i wanted to say HEY I AM NOT COMPETING WITH YOU, HE RAN and I RAN, the timer turned 56min at the 5meter mark I WAS SO DEVISTATED, so I let the other moron ran through first, but after I stopped my stop watch I still remember I had a 30sec slower start time, this means I am still in the 55:30category

I hope there is a picture of the place, I will only post the picture when my other lappy is working again. At least I don’t have to do this race report in a small EEEPC. Great Fun! I do hope all people will sign up for run all year round no matter where they are, races is for you to compete with yourself not with others, that is how I see it, run your own and have that sense of accomplishment. If you want to be at the top, then train full time you will be there some day!


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