This is really ridiculous, I thought the Louis Vuitton Bag was crazy expensive, wait till you see the Chanel .. just don’t faint when you see the last one ! I saw this on the net and I guess I share it with you guys, slowly saviour the bags

If you think spending hundreds of dollars for a pair of worn-out
blue jeans is worth it because of current trends, just wait until you
hear how much it costs to buy the world’s most expensive purse.
Expensive purses have long been status symbols in upper-class culture.
For years women routinely shelled out hundreds, sometimes thousands for
the “it” bag, but the major price shift to the five figure handbag
occurred nearly five years ago when bag makers started offering
“signature items”. With this shift came a willingness to spend way more
than necessary and the idea that these handbags are not just
accessories, but investments and collectibles too.

Louis Vuitton’s Tribute Patchwork Bag – $45,000

Most expensive purse - Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag

Louis Vuitton’s Tribute Patchwork Bag, LV’s most expensive handbag,
has an even higher retail price. This hideous bag, made in 2007 from
fifteen other bags exhumed from LV’s fashion graveyard—their
spring/summer and cruise lines, to be exact—actually sold out fairly

One can only hope that the supply, limited to only twenty-four numbered bags, had more to do with that than high demand.

Hermès “Birkin” – $64,800

World's Most Expensive Purses - Hermès Birkin

While a Hermès “Birkin” bag retails at $37,000 USD, the highest
amount paid for one of these bags was $64,800 USD, sold at a Doyle New
York auction in April of 2005. This black crocodile-skin features
silver hardware, 14-karat white gold closure plates paved with 174
diamonds and an additional 310 diamonds on the lock. The 484 diamonds
weigh in at 14.11 carats.

Leiber Precious Rose – $92,000

World's Most Expensive Purses - Leiber Precious Rose

Without a doubt, the most remarkable thing about Judith Leiber’s
most expensive handbag is its unique rose shape. There’s a lot more
going on with this purse than that, however. It’s lined with metallic
kidskin and features 1,016 diamonds (42.56 carats), 1,169 pink
sapphires and 800 pink tourmalines. For the purse’s metal components,
Leiber used 18-karat white gold. Only one was ever made and it’s no
longer available from Leiber’s boutique.

Lana Marks’ Cleopatra Clutch – $100,000

World's Most Expensive Purses - Lana Marks' Cleopatra Clutch

Lana Marks releases just one of these limited edition bags per year.
Pictured here is the 2007 bag, made with metallic silver alligator skin
and 1,500 fully cut, faceted black and white diamonds set in an
18-karat white gold frame. Each year’s bag is signed and numbered.

Chanel “Diamond Forever” Classic Bag – $261,000

World's Most Expensive Purses - Chanel Diamond Forever

Only thirteen of these pricey Chanel bags were created with only
five available stateside. The alligator-skin bags featured clasps set
with 334 diamond (3.56 carats) in the shape of Chanel’s trademark
double-C logo. Eighteen-karat white gold was used to fashion both the
clasp and the bag’s long shoulder straps.

Ginza Tanaka’s purse – $1.9 million

World's most expensive purse
(via CityNews)

The most expensive purse in the world is a unique bag created by
Japanese jewelry house Ginza Tanaka. It shouldn’t surprise you that the
most expensive purse is covered in diamonds—over 2,000 diamonds
totaling 208 carats, in fact—but the bag’s other features make it truly
special. For one thing, the rest of the bag is made of platinum, a very
difficult metal to work for such a project. For another, the strap and
clasp can be detached and worn as a necklace and brooch. It’s almost as
if they expect someone to actually use this bag!

The luxurious handbag will be on display in several stores across
London during the first ever London Jewellery Week. It’s being offered
by jewelry shop Nicholas James for the phenomenal price of £1 million
(nearly US $2 million).



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