Royalties behaving badly in public, SHame on You !

Have you recently heard of the
case where the Royalties in Malaysia had a fight between the Negri Sembilan and
the Johors at a Night club, well at first, you guys are Muslim what are you all
doing in a CLUB? ? ?  Drinking? The last I
heard was a Muslim girl model was going to be caned for drinking beer,  I feel sorry for that girl because she is just
a commoner, I have seen picture of those royalties drinking beer and partying
away in night club and posing immorally I have seen those pictures but I definitely
cant pose  that website here anyway..


Read about Model drinking beer


so what about this monkeys. Just
because they think they are royalties they think they can do anything whipping
out a gun in public and harassing the other person, the last I read was the
Datuk who whipped out his gun in public was jailed! Read about it here


and another incident


As a matter of fact


Do read the news about how the
Negri Sembilan Royaly wants to sue the Johor Royalty for 50million , read it here first if you have not

of course
its got to be that that exorbitant amount because if you were to charge them
based on the  people of the nation which
is RM5k to RM27k maximum for a broken nose,  wait for me to be rich one day and I will come
over and PUNCH that Mutha in the face and give him RM40k including tips, What
is RM30k to these @$%#$%


So that should justify the
amount, we are not talking about normal people here, they are royalties. So why
behave like kids fighting and punching and even kidnapping them into the
elevator and then suing for a large sum of money, as my friend said to me, if
you do shit you pay for it !


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