Saturday Already?

Its Saturday already? I didnt even feel Friday, oh ok I did, on friday I woke up at 6am to send gurl to the Airport, after which I headed back home and change for work, was in the office the whole afternoon, and then by the time I knew it, it was already time to meet up with Ron and Sue who came to see the F1, brought them to Standing Sushi cause I know Ron is crazy for sushi stuff, I got to say WOW ! Standingsushi has ASAHI BLACK! not many place carry that black gold, but Standingsushi does, OH HELLO GORGEOUS when is the HAPPY HOURS AGAIN?

Anyway after we parted ways, went off to see Sue at Spinelli’s had a cup of vanilla ice latte, taste great and it had just the right amount of caffeine not to make me go sky rocket, but as I was gulping down the coffee, the thought of having a Black Asahi came to my mine again. darn it, can be drinking always. Headed down to see Alvin, Grace, Ian and Justin, we scooted to a place called BALLYMOON by MuddyMurphy, situated in Orchard Parade, and I can tell you this place is just a old man pub, I suggested we go to a real party area, eveyrone agreed and yet again we hop to Clarke Quay, we drank at LeNoir, and then the drinks was not enough, we went to Zirca and partied till .. not even going to mention the time, you definitely for sure will know what time I reached home. In Zirca some how I felt the age gap with the kids, I mean teenagers inside the club, you can see why clubs are not earning money, cause this kids do not have the spending power, I see empty tables but tons of people around, big tables with only 1 bottle of chivas, and the top floor totally empty, This is not a good sign for Friday clubbers anyway, ok I went home grab my passport went off to JB to wash my car and top up o the fuel, came back at 6:20am. talk about being 24hours with no Sleep! really makes me agrouch! GGgRRRrr… Dont MeSS Wth Me Now !!


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