My Dream House

You know I wanted to blog about Colbie Caillat cause she is so awesome and so gorgeous, She really reminds me of Sheryl Crow when she was younger, I will talk about Colbie another time cause when I was about to blog about her I stumble upon something that I really feel like sharing with you guys for the moment, You know I have twitted something regards of personal satisfaction and this clip you are about to see is exactly my sentiments. Please do watch the clip first and tell me what you see.


If you had watched the film, when you see the first boy talking about koi ponds and helicopter , it comes to show that kids these day are so materialistic to things that they know nothing off, even the second by wanting to have a Ferrari, Its a sad world to be honest, our kids these days know nothing but youtube, fashion and their latest celebrity, I don’t blame them cause culturally we are dying, I am not saying anyone I know. I am even stating that I am one of this kind if people, Well I use to be, now to be my goals and morals have shifted as I have grown.

 Life is not about the Gucci’s or the Louis anymore, no doubt its nice to have them and I DO have them and what happens to them ? sitting in my closet and some even thrown away, I have a PRADA slipper which cost $480 or RM1200 thrown outside my house, remind me to show you a picture of it, its covered in dust and paint, that slipper is equivalent to some people pay packet back home, or even half of it. I dont earn much but enough to live. Now what matter is as long I am happy with gurl and what we have we are contented, I am at fault for showing girl all this kinda stuff, yeah this time round its the guy who show the girl the Fashion House of the world, DIOR, GA, DSQUARE, ISSEY, MANOLO etc..etc..u name em I have em. but what I am trying to say is that are you happy in the end ?  so it brings us back to that clip, it shows that in his world that HOUSE is his DREAM house, so to me now, girl is everything to me and I just wanna make her happy. So ask yourself whats your happiness ? is it DESINGNER label that make you happy? to quote Morrie from Mitch Albom book Tuesday with Morrie

"We put our values in the wrong things, And it leads to very disillusioned lives"  Morrie

In the end its how you see your life! live the life that you can afford and not the life you WANT to afford ! you will bleed dry I promise you!
Life is very pretty as it is which where Collbie Caillat MV "Fallen" comes in, wait for the next posting.


One response

  1. Joselyn

    the video certainly proves kids nowadays are indeed materialistic. We can’t blame them as they learn all these from adults surrounding them. It is the adult that portray to the kids that all these material stuffs will make one happy in life. But I’m proud of you…. cos u’ve realized that material stuffs will never give you everlasting happiness ^_^ Cheers!


    28/09/2009 at 11:01 am

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