Fallen – Colbie Caillat

I was surfing around for songs to listen to and I just remember Colbie Caillat "Fallen" which I heard on the radio yesterday
while driving, little did I know I was singing to the tune of it, pretty catchy and when I am back home went to look for its
MV, and there it was. After watching the MV it kinda remind me of my friend JACK TAN, sorry girls he is married and yeah it was
a really cute and loving MV, I do hope the world would know that its not about looks or money, (but the music video that guy was
rich and stuff) anyway that’s beside the point, to me in that MV she looked really happy when she was with him, In a relationship
I have constantly told myself and friends who wanna listen many times that in a relationship its not about the expensive dinner, the fine clothes or those expensive bags. Well of course those little thing are like BONUS if you can afford em, it do boost relationship on a material level.

I always remind myself and my friends on these few aphorism that I follow
"its the laughter you both share together" "the tears and the sadness you share together" "the TRUST that you both have for each other" in these three
words its a perfect formula for a lasting relationship. Anything more to add to a good relationship?


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