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Miley Cyrus @ Party in the USA

I always wondered why people go crazy for Hannah Montana the alter ego of Miley Cyrus, well at least I would like to think of it that way, She is a real teen bopper, to me she is more of a Star worthy than Britney. I do like this song cause of her energy that she portrays, I bet she had fun singing it. Just look at her dance. Its not like she was instructed, I could she that she was really feeling it ! LOL ! hey Miley if you are seeing this, You are awesome !  This is the clip of her dancing to the song! Feel the POWER, feel the ENERGY, feel her FUN ! oh yeah I wanna party in the USA, I hope I will get to do it soon !



Nike Human Race 2009

It was the day where the World Runs in Unity and this can only be done by NIKE, its called the Human Race, well not much of a race but I can tell you there is confirm to be human, 10 thousand and more to be exact, the sea of red

Bryan forcing me to get up as I didnt wanna haul ass that morning, So many red protesters looks like we were in thailand, Luckily I wore my blue to be more OUTSTANDING ! haha, I brought my red to be safe, cause this event is a STRICT no other tshirt event, If you do you are BARRED from running no kidding, gurl confirmed it

See I have changed into my red protester Tshirt which I didnt want to, no choice.. the say do or die, It was a hot day with no breeze, imagine its only 7am in the morning, and its already with a temp of 32degrees Celsius. Pretty hot I would say. More pictures to look at

My Greatest Support and WORLD best Cheerleader came today, Glad she did, Always my inspiration to run faster as I dont want her to be waiting for me. Always tell myself that gurl is waiting under the hot sun *but in reality she is under the shade sipping Starbucks FRAPPE la.. but I have to think that she is waiting for me so legs will go faster. THANK YOU GIRL !!

I would say CONGRATS to all runners who finished this race no matter how fast or slow you have gone, it just come to prove that you are already a winner by Joining the race, you have haul ass by putting that every little step to fnish that hot and sweaty 10k. Just look at all our happy faces in the end. Manage to bump into Joanne at the end. It was fun till next time the New Balance Trial 15K run. Lets see what kind of timing I would get out of that. going to be a First for me, running in Gravel, Sand maybe water and indulating Hills ! lets wait and see.. 8th November another 2 weeks to go ! run run run !

Weekend flew by

It now has been a ritual for me to go to Johor Bahru every Friday, No not cause I am super patriotic but because I am going there for food, there is this Duck rice in one of the JB lane which I never bother to learn the name of the street, I can tell you its really delicious, even better than most of the Singapore duck rice that I have eaten, have you guys eaten the Din Xiao Er duck? yeah it taste something like it but minus the expensive price tag and also the nice ambiance, this is just plain street side food! RM15bucks for 2 person, a array of duck, roast port and char siew, two plate of rice and a bowl of Kwa Chai (I do not know how to describe that veg dish)  but I can tell you that its Heavenly.

And don’t be a sucker for chicken wing in JB, cause the place I bought from is the same lane as the Duck rice, thinking it would cost MAX RM1.5 or RM1.80 to my surprise that freaking wing cost me $2.20 a pop! yeah ! thats RM4.40 for two miserable wing, which I totally would have satisfied my hungry tummy if I had eaten DUCK rice for only RM4 and still get change back ! damm it.. that is the last time I would visit that lousy chicken wing stall.

I will usually get my movie fix in JB as well, but its the cantonese movies not the English movies, why ?? cause they don’t censor the movie to the extent where you see two mouth moving close and CUT!! or when you see a gun pointed at someone then CUTTT!!!! or a girl gonna lift her …CUTTTT!!! so I had it with movies in Msia especially English.. dont bother ! so this Friday, HELLO JB again ! 


cam whore

you calling me a cam whore? yes u can ! i have a few cam whore pictures I wanna show you, its actually about my stupid hair style, wanna ask some opinion from the public viewers, which hair suites best on Isaac? let me know ok, I have not uploaded here cause its till in my blackberry, Will upload when I transfer them to this laptop in the meanwhile any suggestions ?

Ok updates for this post, which hairstyle do you think looks better on me ?

Life of a Prada Slipper

Remember I told you guys I would be posting about this well here it is.

Life of a Prada Slipper

Sitting on the rack of a posh outlet
Looking gracious and handsome, the feel of sheek
Made with the highest quality of material.
Best part of me was printed in the brand of PRADA and made in Italy
Not Many slipper would have the amount my tag displayed

A Guy walks in to the store
Looking for something, He is looking at me
Picking me up, asking for my other half
He feels the smoothness of my material
He mumbles something, he is walking me around

He tells my workers, He will bring me home
He looks over joyed, He will take care of me
I know he will, cause I am the epitome of Slippers
I am no ordinary slip on from the streets, I come from ITALY
He have to, went back to his house
He carefully placed me with his others,
Oh Gosh, he has all my enemy.

I feel so envy and angry at him. I hate
Hate them, Gucci, LV, Bottega, Boss and even Armani
He seldom use me, He use those cheap Haviannas everyday
What Can I do to shout out to him to Show me off
HE just leaves me in there

He used me after a few months, He used me to walk around
I feel happy, after about half a year He neglected me
I am such in a sorry state, I feel just like..
just like…

yup that is the last of my stupid prada slippers, I use it to paint my house and also it has become RDA instead of PRADA, dont even bother buying expensive slippers cause its a waste of money, get SHOES instead ! ahha .. a good leather shoe is another story.

A week off from internet

for 8 days i am shutting myself off from cyber city, no twitter, no blackberry and no blogging, just me, myself and gurl. We are heading back for my best friends wedding this Saturday and I am so happy that most of my friend are getting married now, I am going to be the wedding car driver again, This is my second time, so honored, have become hengtai and also wedding planner for a few friends already. I dont know why this is happening? could it be cause I have gone through it? or cause it that I seem to be an expert in this field? I think gurl has more exprience in this than me, we not for the driving part of course.

This trip is not only going to be a very happy occasion but also I have found out about some stuff that is happening back home, Will be back to console and talk to some people about this problems, but then again, I just want to lend a listening ear, not be part of the problem. List of things to do

1. Help my dad clean up the house
2. Clean up my own house
2.5 : See my God daughter and God Sis
3. Fix up the car
4. View a property that might be potential for purchase
5. Grab some good food with  some good friends
6. Party the night away high up in the sky
7. Visit Penang or Ipoh, *who knows if we just fly to HK or BKK for 3d 2 N *wanna get away from everything
8. Business discussion
9. remind myself to search for a 2004 La Tache or a 2005 Mouton Rothschild to add to the collection, maybe early 2000 or a grand cuvee Dom

yes the last item on my list is actually a crazy hobby of mine, I have about 20 bottles in store and about 10 in my fridge, not even a wine fridge, looking to get a 50 or a 100 bottle wine fridge if my place is big enough, pray to god gimme some money to buy a bigger place if not the wine fridge is going to be a deco in my living room! LOL anyway, i doubt most of the list will happen, will see what happens after i update the blog 9 days from now on the 10th of October.

Ciaoz and have great fun guys