A week off from internet

for 8 days i am shutting myself off from cyber city, no twitter, no blackberry and no blogging, just me, myself and gurl. We are heading back for my best friends wedding this Saturday and I am so happy that most of my friend are getting married now, I am going to be the wedding car driver again, This is my second time, so honored, have become hengtai and also wedding planner for a few friends already. I dont know why this is happening? could it be cause I have gone through it? or cause it that I seem to be an expert in this field? I think gurl has more exprience in this than me, we not for the driving part of course.

This trip is not only going to be a very happy occasion but also I have found out about some stuff that is happening back home, Will be back to console and talk to some people about this problems, but then again, I just want to lend a listening ear, not be part of the problem. List of things to do

1. Help my dad clean up the house
2. Clean up my own house
2.5 : See my God daughter and God Sis
3. Fix up the car
4. View a property that might be potential for purchase
5. Grab some good food with  some good friends
6. Party the night away high up in the sky
7. Visit Penang or Ipoh, *who knows if we just fly to HK or BKK for 3d 2 N *wanna get away from everything
8. Business discussion
9. remind myself to search for a 2004 La Tache or a 2005 Mouton Rothschild to add to the collection, maybe early 2000 or a grand cuvee Dom

yes the last item on my list is actually a crazy hobby of mine, I have about 20 bottles in store and about 10 in my fridge, not even a wine fridge, looking to get a 50 or a 100 bottle wine fridge if my place is big enough, pray to god gimme some money to buy a bigger place if not the wine fridge is going to be a deco in my living room! LOL anyway, i doubt most of the list will happen, will see what happens after i update the blog 9 days from now on the 10th of October.

Ciaoz and have great fun guys


2 responses

  1. Henry

    Guess yourupdat is 4 days late.. no worries.. i check once a while.. hows the party up in the sky?


    14/10/2009 at 1:19 pm

  2. Isaac

    well, didnt feel like blogging em, cause I feel so sad having to leave you guys, didnt you see I posted 7 days to short and 1 day to long? the last day in god sis house was great, Get to see you all one more time before I left, spent more time with the newly wed and if I could I would spend more time with everyone, Most people always say how come I dont have time for them, trust me, I got a long list of friends to visit, `1) Sue : yet to meet up with ya and baby zachary2) Jean: you too I know baby K is also very big now3) Sandip: Gotta see your Parlor one day4) Yeo: if you are reading this, maybe we catch up in BKK but no nasi lemak lor5) Sarina: Will visit ya centre soon6) Kim: yes I will see you in badminton session when you are here7) cK: we shall climb Mount P very soon together8) Jack and Joyce: yes dinner if I have the time i promise9) Datuk Chong: Will hope to see you and kellyn 10) Kelly: msg ya as wanna see your business thrive… oh no I got long list to go … Yvonne, Zamzani, Azri, Sherry, Jaymi,…etc..etc..


    14/10/2009 at 5:26 pm

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