Life of a Prada Slipper

Remember I told you guys I would be posting about this well here it is.

Life of a Prada Slipper

Sitting on the rack of a posh outlet
Looking gracious and handsome, the feel of sheek
Made with the highest quality of material.
Best part of me was printed in the brand of PRADA and made in Italy
Not Many slipper would have the amount my tag displayed

A Guy walks in to the store
Looking for something, He is looking at me
Picking me up, asking for my other half
He feels the smoothness of my material
He mumbles something, he is walking me around

He tells my workers, He will bring me home
He looks over joyed, He will take care of me
I know he will, cause I am the epitome of Slippers
I am no ordinary slip on from the streets, I come from ITALY
He have to, went back to his house
He carefully placed me with his others,
Oh Gosh, he has all my enemy.

I feel so envy and angry at him. I hate
Hate them, Gucci, LV, Bottega, Boss and even Armani
He seldom use me, He use those cheap Haviannas everyday
What Can I do to shout out to him to Show me off
HE just leaves me in there

He used me after a few months, He used me to walk around
I feel happy, after about half a year He neglected me
I am such in a sorry state, I feel just like..
just like…

yup that is the last of my stupid prada slippers, I use it to paint my house and also it has become RDA instead of PRADA, dont even bother buying expensive slippers cause its a waste of money, get SHOES instead ! ahha .. a good leather shoe is another story.


2 responses

  1. Henry

    Wow.. this PRADA look so P**IA… buy shoe better


    14/10/2009 at 1:15 pm

  2. Isaac

    yup, you seen all my designer sandals and what happens to them right? all end up in rubbish bin, but my shoes are still intact and good , so thats why invest in a good shoe


    14/10/2009 at 5:14 pm

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