Weekend flew by

It now has been a ritual for me to go to Johor Bahru every Friday, No not cause I am super patriotic but because I am going there for food, there is this Duck rice in one of the JB lane which I never bother to learn the name of the street, I can tell you its really delicious, even better than most of the Singapore duck rice that I have eaten, have you guys eaten the Din Xiao Er duck? yeah it taste something like it but minus the expensive price tag and also the nice ambiance, this is just plain street side food! RM15bucks for 2 person, a array of duck, roast port and char siew, two plate of rice and a bowl of Kwa Chai (I do not know how to describe that veg dish)  but I can tell you that its Heavenly.

And don’t be a sucker for chicken wing in JB, cause the place I bought from is the same lane as the Duck rice, thinking it would cost MAX RM1.5 or RM1.80 to my surprise that freaking wing cost me $2.20 a pop! yeah ! thats RM4.40 for two miserable wing, which I totally would have satisfied my hungry tummy if I had eaten DUCK rice for only RM4 and still get change back ! damm it.. that is the last time I would visit that lousy chicken wing stall.

I will usually get my movie fix in JB as well, but its the cantonese movies not the English movies, why ?? cause they don’t censor the movie to the extent where you see two mouth moving close and CUT!! or when you see a gun pointed at someone then CUTTT!!!! or a girl gonna lift her …CUTTTT!!! so I had it with movies in Msia especially English.. dont bother ! so this Friday, HELLO JB again ! 



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