Nike Human Race 2009

It was the day where the World Runs in Unity and this can only be done by NIKE, its called the Human Race, well not much of a race but I can tell you there is confirm to be human, 10 thousand and more to be exact, the sea of red

Bryan forcing me to get up as I didnt wanna haul ass that morning, So many red protesters looks like we were in thailand, Luckily I wore my blue to be more OUTSTANDING ! haha, I brought my red to be safe, cause this event is a STRICT no other tshirt event, If you do you are BARRED from running no kidding, gurl confirmed it

See I have changed into my red protester Tshirt which I didnt want to, no choice.. the say do or die, It was a hot day with no breeze, imagine its only 7am in the morning, and its already with a temp of 32degrees Celsius. Pretty hot I would say. More pictures to look at

My Greatest Support and WORLD best Cheerleader came today, Glad she did, Always my inspiration to run faster as I dont want her to be waiting for me. Always tell myself that gurl is waiting under the hot sun *but in reality she is under the shade sipping Starbucks FRAPPE la.. but I have to think that she is waiting for me so legs will go faster. THANK YOU GIRL !!

I would say CONGRATS to all runners who finished this race no matter how fast or slow you have gone, it just come to prove that you are already a winner by Joining the race, you have haul ass by putting that every little step to fnish that hot and sweaty 10k. Just look at all our happy faces in the end. Manage to bump into Joanne at the end. It was fun till next time the New Balance Trial 15K run. Lets see what kind of timing I would get out of that. going to be a First for me, running in Gravel, Sand maybe water and indulating Hills ! lets wait and see.. 8th November another 2 weeks to go ! run run run !


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