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here is the trailer ! CANT WAIT ! it has also WARMACHINE !


Good To know about CASH !!

Something to share with you guys, pretty interesting, I would post some articles which I find interesting, so who ever reads it will gain unless you already know about it,

Is cash really king?

‘A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow.’ This adage
used to describe a common desire of many investors to secure their
wealth rather than grow it is a good explanation for why we see so much
cash in investors’ portfolios at the moment.

Despite the return of a modest appetite for riskier investments in
recent months, investors still seem very much attached to cold hard
cash. This is despite historically low interest rates. The need for
security, a cultural bias as well as mistrust of many investment
products that exist are all valid reasons why investors hold on to
cash. But how much cash should one hold to prevent it from becoming a
destroyer, rather than a preserver of wealth?

excess cash can result in a sub-optimal investment portfolio and lower
the portfolio returns. Opportunity costs from lost alternative
investment opportunities and the effect of inflation on the yield of
the cash held are examples of how cash can turn into a wealth destroyer
if it is not managed correctly.

To determine the optimum cash allocation investors should view cash
as they would any other investment and apply a systematic approach to
the investment process. In this low interest rate environment investors
may seek extra yield pick up through the inclusion of alternative
liquidity solutions (ALS). ALS are often structured money market
products which behave much like cash, often providing the investor with
daily liquidity and capital and accrued interest protection but giving
much higher returns than typical call and fixed term deposit products.
However, even in the world of cash there is no such thing as a free
lunch and in return for these enhanced returns the investor will have
to bear some additional risks not typically associated with regular
cash deposits.

It is important to understand some of the psychological motivations
that drive investors to hold excessive cash. Cash provides perceived
safety and security. Compared to innovative products, cash enjoys a
reputation as being simple and has the key benefit of daily liquidity.
The easy to understand nature of fixed term and call deposits gives
cash a competitive advantage over more complex investments. As a result
investors feel more comfortable with cash and tend to neglect other
often more suitable products.

Cash is also closely linked to some of our most basic needs. Abraham
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs places the need for safety after our
physiological needs in terms of importance. In today’s society cash
provides investors with a sense of security against the many
uncertainties that we face. However, this sense of security is often
misplaced especially when considering the wealth damaging effects of

With the knowledge that an investor will always hold cash, how
should they determine the appropriate allocation of cash within the
overall portfolio? By applying a systematic process to understand why
cash is being held, and if the levels of cash being held are warranted,
it is possible to determine an optimal cash portfolio allocation.

Cash allocation analysis

There are three major reasons for holding cash that can be looked at in the context of a cash allocation analysis.

  • Consumption Cash (transaction motive): This is cash that is needed
    for financing future cash consumption, for example, to pay bills and
    consumption which goes beyond your monthly income. The higher an
    investor’s income, the more they consume, meaning that consumption cash
    typically increases with personal wealth. When considering the amount
    of consumption cash needed an investor should ask themselves whether or
    not they will be purchasing fixed assets in the near future or if they
    have any big-ticket expenses coming up such as tax bills, etc.
  • Iron Reserve (Precautionary Cash): Iron reserve cash is cash that
    is held to provide security against unforeseen events. This is cash
    that is needed to sleep well. Even though this cash may remain
    untouched for many years it can be seen as a constant source of
    liquidity, providing a comforting element to an investor’s financial
  • Asset Portfolio (Speculative): Cash should also be held as
    liquidity for future investments in stocks and bonds. This cash is
    normally of a speculative nature. As a rule of thumb, about 5 per cent
    of the value of your investment portfolio should be held as cash to
    service the needs of the investment portfolio.

An investor seeking to determine their optimum cash allocation
should then look at each of the buckets above and consider the
following questions:

  • What are my annual consumption expenses and what should be set aside to cover this (eg. two times annual living expenses).
  • What is my risk attitude and how important is it for me to have
    cash set aside to sleep well at night (ie. how much risk and return do
    I want).
  • What does my investment portfolio look like, how much cash should I set aside to service this?

Once cash has been allocated into these three buckets, any cash that
is left over can be considered excess liquidity which should be
invested into a higher yielding diversified investment portfolio. To
assist with this process UBS Wealth Management has built a
research-based framework to help investors make better investment
decisions. The framework takes into consideration the investor’s needs
as well as the current portfolio allocation and provides fact-based
research about appropriate products.

Alternative liquidity solutions

It is clear that a systematic cash analysis is essential to define
an investor’s actual cash needs. By performing such an analysis it is
possible to identify excess liquidity for reinvestment into other
products, and it is possible to identify cash needed for near term
consumption as well as cash needed to sleep well at night. As cash in
both the consumption and the iron reserve bucket does not necessarily
get used straightaway (particularly true for iron reserve cash) this
cash runs the risk that inflation might lessen its worth (eg. 0.5 per
cent earned on a fixed deposit versus 2-3 per cent long term inflation)

Given the low interest rate environment and the superior returns
that can be achieved from some of the ALS products that are available
today, leaving cash in fixed deposit products is not the best option.

An ALS is typically structured in note or certificate form and
behaves much like cash in that it can provide the investor with daily
liquidity and typically provide capital and accrued interest
protection. The benefit is that the returns are often superior to
traditional deposits.

It is, however, only with some additional risks that some of these
ALS products are able to offer returns that are higher than basic money
market instruments. As ALS are not considered deposits they do not
enjoy the deposit protection schemes that many governments around the
world have implemented post financial crisis. They also require the
investor to take on the credit risk of the issuer of the product,
meaning he is fully exposed to the potential default of the issuer.

Some of the more complicated ALS products do not provide daily
liquidity. Investors should consider this liquidity risk and be
prepared for the fact that there may not be an active secondary market
or they may be charged a fee for early redemption. Finally, some of the
more complicated products may also face market volatility risk as the
daily value is marked to market.

Such products are therefore not for everyone, but if investors
understand the risks they can be an attractive addition to a cash

The recent market volatility has created a flight to safe haven
assets such as cash. However, with interest rates at historically low
levels, excessive cash holding might perhaps be doing more damage to
your wealth than good. Undertaking regular reviews of your cash needs
and carefully identifying the parts of your portfolio which can benefit
from investing in products such as ALS is key to avoiding the
undesirable effects of too much cash – value erosion through inflation,
and investment opportunity costs. More importantly, identifying excess
liquidity which can then be put to work in a well-diversified portfolio
can help to raise your overall return and should be considered a key
activity in the successful management of your investment portfolio.

The writer is Managing Director and Head of Products at UBS Wealth Management Singapore

Malaysian Maverick

Dr M willing to face probe of his 22-year rule

LUMPUR: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has welcomed Lim Kit Siang’s proposal
to set up a royal commission of inquiry to investigate whether he
"burnt" RM100 billion (40.9 billion Singapore dollars) on grandiose
projects and corruption during his 22 years as prime minister.

Dr Mahathir said the commission should not be made up of government
nominees, but should have impeccable people as members, including
foreigners and those of Transparency International.

He suggested that the commission should not focus on just one prime
minister, but also Tun Abdullah Badawi, also a former prime minister.

Mahathir wrote in his blog that the commission’s probe should include
how RM270 billion of Petronas money paid during Abdullah’s five-year
term was spent, what projects were financed by the huge fund and the
cost of all the projects.

"It should also include how much money was lost due to the
cancellation of the crooked bridge and the Johor Baru- Padang Besar
railway project.

"What is the cost over-run in the construction of the Bakun
Hydroelectric project, the financing of the second Penang Bridge and
the procedure followed when giving out this contract?"

He also wrote that for the inquiry to be successful, the government
must give an undertaking for full access to the commission of all the
documents and accounts between the period of 1981 and 2009.

"There should be no cover-up of any kind. Barry Wain must provide documentary proof of any sum that he alleged I had burned."

Wain is the author of the book Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times.

Dr Mahathir also agreed with Lim, who is DAP adviser, that the
investigation would reflect Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s
commitment in combating corruption. He said he would cooperate with the

"Depending on its result, I reserve the right to sue Barry Wain, Lim
Kit Siang and for libel for a sum to be disclosed

Dr Mahathir also requested that the book be released immediately.

"I am not in need of government protection."

^ ^ all I can say is that what happens even if he is wrong or at fault? what can be done ? The egg has been burnt , the water has dried, He has laugh his way to the bank and he is enjoying high life. you cannot turn back time.

20Litre of Fuel Policy

Just another DUMB rule again? What is the minister up to again? are they really sitting down sipping teh tarik doing nothing but conjuring up stupid ideas whilst lepaking? are they paid too much to think of stupid ideas? My Gawd ! please dont shame yourself anymore, Msia ministers are real mockery of the nation, I know alot of people have forgotten about the Food Incident where they want to label which food is Malaysia’s heritage? see, who thought of that up ? one of Malaysia’s minister again, Seriously.. Whats next in their Agenda? I wanna see .. the only people that is putting Malaysia on the map is AirAsia Tony Fernandes, Raja Petra to name a few! these are people who are really showing what Malaysia can really deliver ! well of course one is in the aspect of economy and the other is the truth of Malaysia ! You go Dumbass Country !!


I find this very interesting, No I did not write it, I Wish I had cause its so brilliant , but hey, would like you guys to enjoy it
Question: What is the truest definition of Globalization?

Answer: Princess Diana’s death.
Question: How come?

An English princess with
an Egyptian boyfriend
crashes in a French tunnel,
driving a German car
with a Dutch engine,
driven by a Belgian who was drunk
on Scottish whisky,
followed closely by Italian Paparazzi,
on Japanese motorcycles;
treated by an American doctor,
using Brazilian medicines.
This story received from an Indian,
And forwarded to you by Indonesian,
using Canadian’s technology,
and you’re reading this on your Blackberry,
that use Koreans chips,
and a Taiwanese LCDs,
assembled by Bangladeshi workers
in a Hungary factory,
transported by Pakistan lorry-drivers,,
unloaded by Sicilian longshoremen,
and repacked by Mexican illegals!
Shipped to Hongkong and Singapore before finally arrives in your hand…
That, my friend, is the true meaning of "Globalization".:)

Singapore Race Marathon part 2

Sorry for the continuation, wanted to blog the whole post out, but if you look at the blog post time in part one, its about 3am in the morning, I fell asleep blogging that, and when I woke up, I quickly typed in to be continued in part two and hit publish entry, I was worried it will be deleted away or my lappy hangs. anyway
ya,, lucky I dont pee during race time, no matter how hard I try I wont ! its utterly disgusting ! what on the road side ler, what you guys thinking ? anyway its their run, not mine, but I pity the poor people working at those site, WOWEEE the stench ! i can tell u, all the gatorade, poweraid etc..etc.. sure smell hell of a sweet urine !

I was running a very slow run, wanting to take it 1km at a time, and it does work, mind you I am going to save you from reading my whole journey cause its nothing, me running and running, nothing much to say there but you know this year they gave out am additional encouragement BIB! I think its pretty good that Stan Chart gave that out, cause its to motivate the other people and not themselves. I read a few funny one like "stop reading start running" , L first timer, please bear with me etc..etc.. and some family ones where their kids would draw on the encouragement bib. so awesome saying things like DADDY my HERO, my dad will come in at 5hrs.. etc.etc. well join if you want to read more, I sure ain’t gonna remember all those cause I was running !

Running and running till the 10k mark, I felt my last toes having pain, I was so blardy worried thinking that shit, my toe is going to be amputated due to blood clog, but I pressed on with the pain till 21k mark, the half marathon mark. I sat down behind the water station and took out my shoes, my blister is the size of a 20cents coin, saying maybe I should just leave it, and press on, after all Alvin said, just GRIT with it ! and so I did, after the 27k mark, I just gave up, its like a knife stuck to your leg and you are pounding it deeper and deeper, yup thats the feeling. Stopped and ask the medic, do you have plaster? yes we do! *YES* do you have something sharp ? er.. let us look, NO! *DARN* I said its ok, I sat behind them and took out my shoes, this time round the whole blister is as big as my last toe, sat down and tried to squeeze the hell out of it, the water just didnt want to pop. didnt want to waste more time, I called out to the medic, you guys really dont have anything sharp? *shit thinking how to burst it*

the girls came over saying no and was very apologetic, i said its ok, so kept squeezing it, but just didnt want to burst, the girl took a look at me and said. "hey what about your pin hanging on your bib" *NAH BEH why I didnt think of that sooner* so I burst and I started running again, this time with RAW skin grinding my last toes. After 35k, I just gave up running, I walked all the Freaking way to the finish line, so here enjoy some pictures I took of the last few km, there are very inspirational quote found at the bottom of every marker.

Well I dont know if you guys notice anything from all the marker pictures I took, Did You ? do you know notice anything ? well not the last Santa Lady, this is actually her 9th Marathon or something already, she just got back from the BKK marathon and the Shanghai Marathon, and dont ask me why she is wearing that outfit, Christmas come early I guess ! hey lighten up, its CHRISTMAS ! SO did you notice anything ? ok not the SPACE MAN in the 30km marker on the right side, I call those people space man, cause they wear those high tech gadgets and super tight compression shirt and tights,  well ? notice? I hope you guys notice, cause I wont tell you. lets see who gets it right.

and lastly Thank you to gurl who is always my BIGGEST SUPPORTER AND CHEERLEADER ! she is always the reason for me to run faster cause I dont want her to wait!

this is me after Marathon, went back showered relax for 2 hours went out to Pauline and Justin baby then went JB to shop, did It hurt after running a Marathon? OF COURSE LA ! pictures of my blister *NOT FOR THE FAINT HEART*

1. The one on the left is after I broke the water, 2. the one on the right is after I cut out the skin *BIG MISTAKE* just look at the raw skin underneath ! yum

Singapore Marathon Race Report

I just added a category called RUN FOR YOUR "LIFE" well its about time I added this section whilst all the while I had a cycling section.
I had just finished my Marathon and I would like to say :


yes, respect the marathon and please do train for it, don’t be like this idiot here who took it for granted thinking its only 2 half marathon, Best of all I ran with a new shoe, well barely worn, at most 4 times for 5km each. I really hated myself for it, anyway will start the race report as usual with the goodie bag display
I can tell you ever since New Balance took over the goodie bag is BARE ! basically nothing ! even the t-shirt was ugly. Lucky we were given the 42.195 km finisher T.

  Yes that is all the thing I had from the goodie bag, not even a can of 100plus, not even hydration salt ..etc..etc.. a lousy shoulder bag. even NB real run gave a nicer goodie bag.I feel cheated after paying like $59 after discount for it, imagine those paying full, suirely they felt the burn in their heart. WAKE UP NB ! people love goodie bags, please get more sponsor to put in nicer stuff

The race started at 5:30am in the morning, and there was roughly 15k people in the pen waiting to start. I feel lost as this time I am alone and no wing man. Girl woke up with me to come to the race. Told her that I would be doing 4 hour Marathon, cause roughly from my training should be sub 4 hrs or 4hrs30min. Since this is my Virgin 42k, i didnt wan to push myself for speed cause I honestly didnt know what to expect of a 42k run, I only had one thing in mind "FINISH THE RACE" and yes Finish I did, but not in a glorious time as I wanted, not even 5hrs, What seems to be a target changed to a grueling walk to the last meter.

Gun Flagged off, started running and first 2k, saw someone puked out their breakfast on the side of the road, Disgusting, well that is actually not the most disgusting thing I have seen for this race, the most disgusting is ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
people urinating around the side of the road, well I can tell you Singapore is definitely going to be darn smelly after this race, seems like every m there was like 4 to 5 people peeing at the same time on every km, you will see people go to the si de to pee, facing the tree, facing the bush, facing the wall, anytime you look around you see people relieving them self. I am glad to say also that I DONT PEEL …. *sorry continue in part 2*

More Cool Nike Commercial

More cool running commercial ! this is awesome, and its about this two person playing Water Tag ! cool ! check it out