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I was just driving back to Malaysia the other day to attend my dad’s sister Birthday, we call her Tua Kor, well I am not sure what is that in english maybe grand aunty ? ya I know, I am a lousy chinese, so please dont hate me for this, I sometimes feel that I am lost in a chinese body, can’t speak chinky cant write chinky, to be honest I AM ASHAMED of myself, I do see some Caucasian speaking mandarin far way better than I would ever have, Not to say that I am not good in mandarin, well maybe 30% grasp of conversation but I doubt that people will really look at me as a banana anymore,

Back in the year 2000, I was working for Starbucks and most of the people I meet are business people from all over the world, but mostly they are from America cause of the store that I use to run, it was smack at the end of Orchard Road, where Orchard Parade was situated, I was there for a good 2 years and I have seen and meet people of all sorts, I had a great time working for Starbucks and it was one of the best memories that I will never forget, I have forge friendship working there like friendship I had forged back in my school days , this were kids I was working with back then, kids as young as 16 till 18, that time I was in my early 20ties, and it was really fun working with them. I have seen most of them grew up to adult and successful people, I feel kinda proud knowing this kids, who when was young worked hard for tuition fees and own pocket money, they totally have my respect ! some along they way have migrated to other countries and sad that we have lost touch, so speaking of mandarin I remember when Jonathan thought I could speak chinese, he asked me to string a sentence and I reluctantly told him NO, he said come on try it, so I went and string this words which I knew and he started laughing like mad. It was
Wor Ming Xhi Shi Isaac ! it means My name is Isaac, I could still remember his facial expression when I said that out when we were in the office closing up the store. Well well well.. those were the memories everyone had…

I am now reading "Chaotic Thoughts from the Old Millennium" written by Mr Sim Wong Hoo and I can say at the moment he is my idol, he is the classic example of business man from hardship and also with a great attitude, I have not finish his book yet but I can say that I am liking it, It was written in 90ties and its a good read, best of all that book from written to print only took 6months which people say is impossible, well he proved them wrong with his BHAG "Big HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL" ok i wont know why the word hairy is there, you have to ask the man himself. I would like to meet him myself. Let see if I am able to do that next year ! He kinda reminds me of myself, but I am not so adventurous as himself, Imagine he asking his sister to send him to the airport and with no destination in mind, the next thing he knew was that he was on a plane to Kathmandu and going to scale Mt Everest. well, I am not going to spoil that book for you guys, please pick it up at your local library, dont go out and buy one cause its not going to help the world. Save the world,  Why buy when you can loan !

I will try to remember to post pictures more , its just that my blackberry is not connected to this laptop, my Acer laptop died on me and I have not find the time to repair it, I also started using my Fuji S304, people laughed at me because its only 3.2 megapixel camera, I had bought that in the year 2002 and HELLLOOOOO , in that year 2002, 3.2mp DIGITAL CAMERA was like only high end in Singapore ok !! most guys weren’t even using digital back then,
I got that for a good $700 dollars cause I still have the receipt. sad thing is that I lost the cable so I was not able to transfer the picture file to my other laptop. I need to go to Sim Lim to look for a card reader, If you have a unwanted xD card reader to spare, please send it to me, cause I dont want to go out to buy another plastic and kill the world ! I will pay for your postage. Will repay your kindness if I can. Thank You in advance

anyway, got to continue reading the book, its another way to relieve stress from thinking of my 42k Singapore Marathon this coming Sunday. I am sure to bleed, cause I did not even train for this, I feel lousy and I am sure to regret it ! but hey, as I always say, dont regret what you do just blame it on others ! hahah just kidding , but Do not regret what you have done, just learn from the lesson!


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