Singapore Race Marathon part 2

Sorry for the continuation, wanted to blog the whole post out, but if you look at the blog post time in part one, its about 3am in the morning, I fell asleep blogging that, and when I woke up, I quickly typed in to be continued in part two and hit publish entry, I was worried it will be deleted away or my lappy hangs. anyway
ya,, lucky I dont pee during race time, no matter how hard I try I wont ! its utterly disgusting ! what on the road side ler, what you guys thinking ? anyway its their run, not mine, but I pity the poor people working at those site, WOWEEE the stench ! i can tell u, all the gatorade, poweraid etc..etc.. sure smell hell of a sweet urine !

I was running a very slow run, wanting to take it 1km at a time, and it does work, mind you I am going to save you from reading my whole journey cause its nothing, me running and running, nothing much to say there but you know this year they gave out am additional encouragement BIB! I think its pretty good that Stan Chart gave that out, cause its to motivate the other people and not themselves. I read a few funny one like "stop reading start running" , L first timer, please bear with me etc..etc.. and some family ones where their kids would draw on the encouragement bib. so awesome saying things like DADDY my HERO, my dad will come in at 5hrs.. etc.etc. well join if you want to read more, I sure ain’t gonna remember all those cause I was running !

Running and running till the 10k mark, I felt my last toes having pain, I was so blardy worried thinking that shit, my toe is going to be amputated due to blood clog, but I pressed on with the pain till 21k mark, the half marathon mark. I sat down behind the water station and took out my shoes, my blister is the size of a 20cents coin, saying maybe I should just leave it, and press on, after all Alvin said, just GRIT with it ! and so I did, after the 27k mark, I just gave up, its like a knife stuck to your leg and you are pounding it deeper and deeper, yup thats the feeling. Stopped and ask the medic, do you have plaster? yes we do! *YES* do you have something sharp ? er.. let us look, NO! *DARN* I said its ok, I sat behind them and took out my shoes, this time round the whole blister is as big as my last toe, sat down and tried to squeeze the hell out of it, the water just didnt want to pop. didnt want to waste more time, I called out to the medic, you guys really dont have anything sharp? *shit thinking how to burst it*

the girls came over saying no and was very apologetic, i said its ok, so kept squeezing it, but just didnt want to burst, the girl took a look at me and said. "hey what about your pin hanging on your bib" *NAH BEH why I didnt think of that sooner* so I burst and I started running again, this time with RAW skin grinding my last toes. After 35k, I just gave up running, I walked all the Freaking way to the finish line, so here enjoy some pictures I took of the last few km, there are very inspirational quote found at the bottom of every marker.

Well I dont know if you guys notice anything from all the marker pictures I took, Did You ? do you know notice anything ? well not the last Santa Lady, this is actually her 9th Marathon or something already, she just got back from the BKK marathon and the Shanghai Marathon, and dont ask me why she is wearing that outfit, Christmas come early I guess ! hey lighten up, its CHRISTMAS ! SO did you notice anything ? ok not the SPACE MAN in the 30km marker on the right side, I call those people space man, cause they wear those high tech gadgets and super tight compression shirt and tights,  well ? notice? I hope you guys notice, cause I wont tell you. lets see who gets it right.

and lastly Thank you to gurl who is always my BIGGEST SUPPORTER AND CHEERLEADER ! she is always the reason for me to run faster cause I dont want her to wait!

this is me after Marathon, went back showered relax for 2 hours went out to Pauline and Justin baby then went JB to shop, did It hurt after running a Marathon? OF COURSE LA ! pictures of my blister *NOT FOR THE FAINT HEART*

1. The one on the left is after I broke the water, 2. the one on the right is after I cut out the skin *BIG MISTAKE* just look at the raw skin underneath ! yum


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