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Chinese New Year 2010

I just got back to Malaysia this morning at 3am, only took me 3 hours to get from Singapore to Klang, didn’t really tear up the high way as it was kind heavy on the traffic side but on some stretch of the road when its clear of cars, you can bet your last dollar, my car sure took a beating, It went on like it seen a ghost or something, I am not going to say what kinda speed I am traveling at, but I can say that a turbo car sure ate my dust !

Came back didnt get much sleep, had to wake up about 10am to give some stuff to Jared to bring back to the in-laws, went for breakfast with him nearby my house, I think I had blogged bout this stall dishing out indian food at its best, It has the most softest apom you will ever taste, if you are wondering what Apom is, go ask your indian friend. I ate chapati and mutton rendang ! oh my oh my, the rendang melted in my mouth and the curry that accompanied my chapati was HEAVEN !

went back to my parents place to pass them the remaining stuff I brought back from Singapore and kinda laze around the house, have not slept yet, about 5pm went out for a run with my younger sis, it was a good run, since it was only 7k took a scenic run through the Petronas mountain and then to the town stadium, and back home. took us about 1hr. Gonna have reunion dinner soon but it fells like all my sis are not around, feel lost, even wifey not around, I feel like Chinese New Year has lost its meaning. just coming back to see the family is good enough. Well heading down to eat the reunion dinner, so much for reunion, only 4 of us, mom, dad, me and eevon. anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERY ONE WHO IS READING THIS ! MAY YOU PROSPER WITH WEALTH AND HEALTH FOR THE TIGER ! ITS KINDA LIKE TIGER WOODS BUT MINUS THE GIRLS ! TAKE CARE ALL !!


Don’t mess with the girls

I stumble on this when searching for pick pockets on the net, I was reading on how pickpocket operates in the EU and I am feeling so stressed out now ! but this girl takes the cake ! check it out !

Sony Ericsson Kurara

Does this latest SE reminds you of something ? take a good look, anyway the answer is below..

Well this phone looks awesome due to its beautiful curvature and HD screen, I am sure that this is going to be a gorgeous smart phone as it comes packed with all the awesome features I am not going to go into the specs of this phone as I am sure it will bore you, and I am no sales man ! but what I want to show is that this phone at one glance reminded me of a phone where I use to use, it was in the year 2002, that was like 8 years ago, but hey 8 years in tech age actually 80 years and its almost close to a century, well that phone in 2002 is P800 below, well there is the update version of the 800 which is the 900 in grey.

don’t they look the same? well just that the "Kurara" is more updated and SLEEK ! SE really do stick to the fundamental of phone design going back to OLD school, I am thinking that dial phone will be back in fashion

Blue Screen of DEATH

This is what I face everyday on my work laptop when I shut the screen completely and hibernate.


Klang Bridge vs CIQ Bridge

Yesterday Sunday, was a nice day where I had stayed in the room
and did nothing but watched Youtube! UTTER WASTE of my time to
say, but the YOUTUBE video was too great not to miss, It was this
show called the MAURY show, it use to be called the MAURY PROVICH
show back in the 90’s, I don’t think Asian will ever get to see
this kind of program shown in our local media cause its just to
HARSH to watch. This is a talk show by the way, not some rambo
shooting, Knife gutting or even explosive bombing show, it’s a
typical talk show, So what makes this show so special? Maury
takes the worst of dysfunctional family and put it on his show
I can tell you the people that go on his show wont get anything
but humiliation, I was stuck looking episode after episode,
Actually I am in disgust, with him as well as his audience,
the audience makes up 60% of the vulgarities hurled at the poor
family. Just to tell you how dysfunctional one family can get..
there was this girl who was only 15yo and she wanted to have a
baby, so she went and have unprotected sex over 300 times, hoping
to get pregnant, have she not heard of ovulation? how crazy can
one be? I really pity the mother that raised her up, the patience
the mother have on her is phenomenal I tell you. RESPECT to the mom

After watching a whole load of crap on YOUTUBE from MAURY to JERRY
to SteveVilkos I gave up and I thought to myself I needed air and
food, I was practically in the room till 3pm. I headed out to
up north to get my weekly fix of mobile supplies yesterday, no doubt
it was a Sunday afternoon, it sure bound to be jammed up like mad,
but what to do, brave the mad drivers and long faces of custom officers
so as I was driving through the causeway, I saw this huge bridge being
erected with new technology, this reminded me of "KLANG" bridge
which is still in progress after 4 years of construction.
take a look at the picture of the JB CIQ bridge.

I am sure this bridge will finish way ahead of the KLANG Bridge
I pity the soul of the bridge engineer and consultant as I am
sure that people cross that bridge will definitely curse and swear
at the developers. I TOO have given up on it, as this people are
just not sensitive to the needs of the people in Klang town,
maybe its politically moved, or maybe its really money driven?
all this we will never know. Who wanna take a bet that this bridge in JB
which is longer and bigger will finish way way ahead of the 2km viaduct
that is in progress since 2004.  I will give you a gift. if not you give me a gift !

Great Saturday with Chinky

Today was.a good day, well more like yesterday was a good day since it has already pass midnight, I had the house all cleaned up inside out! really worked those elbow grease cleaning those tight corners and wiping the dirt of most places, had my extra room rearranged in a new manner trying to squeeze out more space, thinking of converting that room to a gym room or either a study room, maybe a theater? what do you think?

Well, woke up that Saturday, hang out the laundry and guess what, mop the floor again to make sure its super clean, well I am sort of a neat freak to be honest, I have this disorder where everything has to be neatly placed, ask Jack, he came over to my house asking me, hey dude, why is your house so neat? I asked him back, what you mean neat? aren’t house suppose to be neat and clean, he said "NO" what I meant it why is everything in Order, spick and span with everything arranged ? then I just laughed ! nodding my head in agreement.

Went out with Alvin to shoot some balls at the range, he had trouble starting to position himself, and I nearly got people killed while using my driver, I really suck at my driver, what happen was that my club face was so opened that it sliced of the face of the club and it went EXTREME right to the other side of the range, hitting 2 people, TWICE !!  I took some video of Alvin practicing his iron shots and he was really in the groove. You might find it in Youtube if you can search for the proper tag word. Anyway left the range at 6:30pm and head to Botak Jones for dinner, order some really kick ass burger and Alvin had some special treatment from a GUY! that guy gave him a free Cheese Potato ! wow .. I told you he is attracting guys these days with his new "FIT" body.
Headed back to Ikea to get little J POANG chair. am sure glad she is going to love sitting in it watching the TV with the parents similiar POANG chair
well, blogging from my living area. heading to my room and logging into my other laptop. Hope Sunday will be even better !

have fun you guys ! and if in doubt give God a call ! he will surely answer your prayers !

Feel’s like being hung out to dry

I hope this will help some people out there dealing with this symptom. Have you ever felt that you are lost in a void? meaning you just dont have a aim or goal in life everything seems that it has been a stand still and you just don’t want to do anything, having
nothing to look forward to, not even the things you like to do best. I believe this is what they call "DEPRESSION"

I googled for this symptom called Depression: and look what I found, does it relate to yourself

Feeling down from time to time is a normal part of life. But when emptiness and despair take
hold and won’t go away, it may be depression. More than just the temporary "blues," the lows
of depression make it tough to function and enjoy life like you once did. Hobbies and friends
don’t interest you like they used to; you’re exhausted all the time; and just getting through
the day can be overwhelming. When you’re depressed, things may feel hopeless, but with help
and support you can get better. But first, you need to understand depression. Learning about
depression—including its signs, symptoms, causes, and treatment—is the first step to
overcoming the problem.

Seems that alot of people do face this, I even looked up for the percentage of people in Singapore
that has this symptoms and 10% of adults face this, WOW! now thats a very high figure, considering
5mil population, thats about 500,000ppl on this tiny island has this problems?

So what is Depression? I found out that its something that will changes your mood, some people feel
lifeless, empty and apathetic, and this is not normal sadness, this big "D" engulfs you day-to-day
making you unable to eat, sleep, work, study etc..etc..the worst is that making you feel hopeless

So how do you spot Depression??

If you identify with several of the following signs and symptoms, and they just won’t go away, you
may be suffering from clinical depression.

    * you can’t sleep or you sleep too much
    * you can’t concentrate or find that previously easy tasks are now difficult
    * you feel hopeless and helpless
    * you can’t control your negative thoughts, no matter how much you try
    * you have lost your appetite or you can’t stop eating
    * you are much more irritable and short-tempered than usual

WOAH and if you are at this LEVEL you are at DEFCON 5, please IMMEDIATELY SEEK HELP !!
    * you have thoughts that life is not worth living

Well, life is not all about money, wealth and materials you possess, but life have to seek a balance
I will put in the numbers of the Depression centre or helpline at the end of this blog, I wont go into
the types of depression there is,but please do look out for the symptoms if you have any and treat it
sooner rather than later. I have enclosed a few types of treatment

There are many types of treatment for depression and some of the most frequently used include:

    * antidepressant tablets
    * ‘talking treatments’ such as counselling and various types of psychotherapy
    * mood stabilising medications
    * support with day-to-day matters while ill or recovering.

Treatments that are used less often, but which can be helpful, especially in depression that is severe, of
a specific type, or has proved difficult to treat include:

    * electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)
    * special types of operation (psychosurgery)
    * bright light therapy for seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Here are some treatment of my own

  • Look for the cause of the problem and talk to your family or friends about it
  • Go "OUT" and smell the flowers not in your house or apartment Ok!
  • Pry yourself out of bed and go for a short run and walk even better a SWIM! refresh yourself
  • Throw that ego out of yourself. Pick up the phone and call the Help hotline.

Lastly, there are potential treatments that are still either experimental, or for which more evidence needs
to be found before they can be considered truly effective and safe so please be-wary of it if you are going to
venture into this types of treatment.

For more information, call:
•     Counselling and Care Centre at 6536 6366
•     Care Corner (Mandarin) at 1800 353 5800
•     Samaritans of Singapore (24-hour hotline) at 1800 221 4444
•     Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) at 1800 283 7019

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under
his feet.”
James Oppenheim

Chinese New Year Tradition

Henry’s blog on Chinese New Year reminisce me of the good old days, He mentioned one part in the blog which really tickle me fancy where he said that when we use to be in our teenage years, we would all go out in a group to buy our CNY clothes, and quite true it was, every year for 3 to 4 years  if i am not wrong we all went out as a group, there was this time in 1995, I remember the incident clearly like it had just happen, Henry, Jason and myself was sitting at the bus stop waiting for Brandon to board a bus to Kuala Lumpur, mind you in those days we were only 15 years old, and we were independent enough to travel around on our own to the city, knowing we are like boys from the village. LOL anyway, 1995 was a year of rampant gang fights and gang extortion, Here come the funny part, so as we were waiting for Brandon, me and Jason was talking and Henry was sitting on the other side of the bench 3 meters away. Here comes this elderly guy like in his mid 30’s kind ruffian type, he sat in between me and Jason, but he spoke to Jason at first.

He asked where were we headed and we said KL as he did not pose a threat to us, then come the next word he uttered from his dirty mouth, saying hey boy I like you! haha .. just kidding he didnt say that to Jason but he said this in his stupid hokkien instead, "I just got out of prison and I need to have some financial aid, we all were kinda scared as he was like a big guy who reek of trouble, that guy was wearing a white T and had short cropped hair. he did not pull out any weapon or so but his stare was enough to scare me and Jason, at that time We had a bit of CNY money to spend on and I remembered that time we wanted to go to "Fishbone" to get our hockey sticks. Jason replied to that man "hey let me asked my friend which is Henry who was sitting 3 meters away" this time it was trouble and Henry came over without knowing what to do also. This time all three of us are trapped, In my head I was thinking damm, all our CNY ang pow money is going to this dirt bag. I think all of us were hoping that someone would come save us, In the end YES !! comes our saviour, not Brandon of course, but a group of my 7 to 8 senior friends from the librarian society that was going to KL as well. I quickly pointed to them and telling that dirt bag that hey look, My friends are here and I waved to one of them and he waved back, I think that really got that idiots attention, and he walked off as fast as he came ! well we sure had our lucky break and that was one of the most craziest incident related to extortion I ever had. Those were really fun times to be honest. I have more school boy gang story to tell, but lets see if I wanna blurt out all this, cause it involves my friends. but not in a bad way but in a funny way! Life back then were tough as we had to endure the gang fights in school and also OUT of school!

Well, I got to sign off now, got to run the rat race ! hope a big change will come soon !