Great Saturday with Chinky

Today was.a good day, well more like yesterday was a good day since it has already pass midnight, I had the house all cleaned up inside out! really worked those elbow grease cleaning those tight corners and wiping the dirt of most places, had my extra room rearranged in a new manner trying to squeeze out more space, thinking of converting that room to a gym room or either a study room, maybe a theater? what do you think?

Well, woke up that Saturday, hang out the laundry and guess what, mop the floor again to make sure its super clean, well I am sort of a neat freak to be honest, I have this disorder where everything has to be neatly placed, ask Jack, he came over to my house asking me, hey dude, why is your house so neat? I asked him back, what you mean neat? aren’t house suppose to be neat and clean, he said "NO" what I meant it why is everything in Order, spick and span with everything arranged ? then I just laughed ! nodding my head in agreement.

Went out with Alvin to shoot some balls at the range, he had trouble starting to position himself, and I nearly got people killed while using my driver, I really suck at my driver, what happen was that my club face was so opened that it sliced of the face of the club and it went EXTREME right to the other side of the range, hitting 2 people, TWICE !!  I took some video of Alvin practicing his iron shots and he was really in the groove. You might find it in Youtube if you can search for the proper tag word. Anyway left the range at 6:30pm and head to Botak Jones for dinner, order some really kick ass burger and Alvin had some special treatment from a GUY! that guy gave him a free Cheese Potato ! wow .. I told you he is attracting guys these days with his new "FIT" body.
Headed back to Ikea to get little J POANG chair. am sure glad she is going to love sitting in it watching the TV with the parents similiar POANG chair
well, blogging from my living area. heading to my room and logging into my other laptop. Hope Sunday will be even better !

have fun you guys ! and if in doubt give God a call ! he will surely answer your prayers !


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