Sony Ericsson Kurara

Does this latest SE reminds you of something ? take a good look, anyway the answer is below..

Well this phone looks awesome due to its beautiful curvature and HD screen, I am sure that this is going to be a gorgeous smart phone as it comes packed with all the awesome features I am not going to go into the specs of this phone as I am sure it will bore you, and I am no sales man ! but what I want to show is that this phone at one glance reminded me of a phone where I use to use, it was in the year 2002, that was like 8 years ago, but hey 8 years in tech age actually 80 years and its almost close to a century, well that phone in 2002 is P800 below, well there is the update version of the 800 which is the 900 in grey.

don’t they look the same? well just that the "Kurara" is more updated and SLEEK ! SE really do stick to the fundamental of phone design going back to OLD school, I am thinking that dial phone will be back in fashion

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