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Very good write up on HRM

Oh I manage to find one of a kind write up on HRM training because Felix came up to me today and asked me about zone specification, went on the WWW and looked for one even I did posted one about it but it does not really explains in depth on calculation and such but this webbie I manage to find has nearly everything but more importantly it explains in-depth on calculation of HR-monitoring etc..etc.. pretty awesome, but its lengthy so I am not going to post it here, but if you are interested please do visit her site at SALLY EDWARDS on HRM ZONE
usually I will paste those article here in fear of those website closing down. but this is pretty lengthy so have a good read and take it all in after a long Sunday run. Doing intervals later today, hope it doesn’t rain cats and dogs again.

Enjoy your run and its well worth the sweat cause your heart is going to love you !


Garmin Connect and its features

Been trying out the new gadget that I just bought 2 days ago, have already clocked about 15km on my runs ever since, pushing my self way to hard I guess, but who cares, that’s human but I am someone that like to push myself to the edge and see how far I go, sometimes I feel to the extent of no return.. anyway this is about the new toy that I just got and it comes with this neat software called Training Center which totally I would not use *dont know how to use it actually* Went online and got myself a Garmin Connect program which is way easier to understand than the Garmin Training Center, actually the data are the same its the features of the training center that got my head spinning.

Lemme show you what Garmin Connect looks like

This my friends is the dashboard, shows you practically what you have done in the few days or rather the whole month

This is the Calender and its my favourite for being a motivational tool, after every run, the Watch will wireless transfer all training data of the day into the dashboard as well as every tab in the Garmin connect, I love this as being the best motivational tool as it tally’s the total of your time, runs etc.etc. on the side, you can display the activities, the weight, the goals and weekly total, and that’s not all

This has got to be one of my favourite feature in the Garmin Connect, it allows you to set your goals and it tracks it after your run, If you look close enough you can see that one of them is already at 58% that was set yesterday, its to run 21km within 30days but looks like tomorrow its already going to be done, I dont do high mileage like some people but when I train its usually a 10km slow run everyday. I just created two more goals to achieve, one is what I call Run for time which I am needed to run 15hrs within 7 days, you do the math how many hours a day, and the last goal is called the "Mr 1kg of Blubber" this is a more realistic goal where I am needed to burn 7700calories which is equivalent to 1kg of FATS ! yes 7700 calories is 1kg of fats. Here is how i derive to the math

1 Kg of fat?

1 Kg is 2.2 lbs and 1 lb is 3500 calories, so 1 Kg is 3500 X 2.2= 7700

so yup, losing weight is a life process and not go to a doctor to suck it all out with a sucking metal, or worst going to those fat loss clinic where they say they going to help you and such, but are they really ??! You have to motive yourself to see the improvement over time, its not going to come easy, its not going to come tomorrow, my mentor once told me this, you doing gain all those *fats* in a day and you sure ain’t going to lose it in a day.
So I hope you were not bored with me and my talks on Garmin features, what can I say its a pretty cool toy.

Garmin FR60 Unboxing

Its here, its finally here. Well not really here but I went out and bought it, my last two HRM died on me, well i mean the watch and the strap died on me, The first was a POLAR watch, and it was a gift given by a member in the gym that I used to work in, She handed it to me to ensure I improve my training, We were discussing about training and heart rate as she was using the elliptical trainer, We always compare notes on training, and training technique when training clients. so Thanks Morna, it had served me well over 2 years till it died on me, dont worry I still have it.So after the first one died on me, I went out to get a second one which was my Nike Triax HRM, that didnt serve me well cause I went out and bought it in haste, the best part it was that it only tells me the HR, not even calories, not even the DATE !! yes no date, time and HR thats about it, but then after one of my morning race guess what “smart me” I had a change of clothes and left my heart strap on the front of my car, So while driving half way on the highway, I could see the strap slide away in front of my eyes. So I was like OOOOOO MMMMYYYY GAAWWWDDD !! i wanted to slam on my break and pick it up but it was on the middle of the FREAKING highway, so told my self to forget it.

Ok here is the unboxing of my new toy, cost a bomb to get it. here it is:

that is the box of the watch, pretty neat I might say, and the small little nifty thing on the side is a footpod.

The whole package consist of a watch, chest strap, a footpod and a ANT, the ant is a wireless transfer, seriously its quite hightech these days, HRM use to be just a watch and a strap, it only tells you a few data, but guess what, these day this watches are like computers, they tell you everything, it tells you your laptime for over 20hours, a virtual partner for training, GPS, foot strike, speed, cadence, and even if your baby is a boy or girl, ok I was just kidding about the last one. Anyway I only have had it for two days and so far, its totally great, I am getting overly crazy with running again and I can assure I wanna do a better for my marathon this year, So far I have signed up for 3 Marathon, so far I think Singapore only have 2 so far, I am looking for nearby Marathon events like Thailand and Hong Kong. hope I am able to complete my resolution for 2010 by finishing 5 marathons this year, So far in the pipeline and not counting the one I have done.1) Starhub Urban Run *6.5km
2) 2xU Compression Run *12km
3) Passion Run *25km
3.1) Adidas Sundown Marathon *42km
4) Stan Chart KL marathon *42km
5) Newton Run *30km
6) Nike RUN *10km
7) Salomon Xtrail *10km
8) Genting Trailblazer *10km
9) Legs & Paddles *5km Kayak + *7km run
10) Stan Chart Sing Marathon *42km

11) Mizuno Mt Faber Run *10km
12) New Balance Real Run *10km

Hope to see you guys on race days. Oh if you wondering how come this time my races do not involve triathlon or duathlon its because I have not found my bike yet, can’t seem to find a proper bike. Well there are a few but its way off my budget. Going to sleep now, see you guys in a few more hours and best of all TRAIN HARD and HAVE FUN !


Want to Burn Fats ?

Stumble upon this great article about fat loss, Great stuff I tell you, read and apply. Its written by Deborah Shulman of and I feel that I should share this with all the people who wants to burn more fats out there, check it out, Oh I need it too, I am having 8kg of extra lard around my whole body, my fat anaylsis body scale keeps telling me I am stable after analyzing my body fat content and my bone mass structure, but I guess they dont take muscle mass into consideration. SO it means I am still a lump of marshmallow in the eyes of loved one ! Oh did I mentioned that I got my Garmin FR60 yesterday, took it for a spin and it was awesome, the virtual partner is a creep, running so fast and not waiting for me, by the first 2km he left me in the dust by nearly 2min. what a jerk ! LOL ! will do a un-boxing for the FR60 tonight, but here is the article by Deborah.

Arctic birds can fly 47 mph for 100 hours at a stretch during their
annual migration of 7,800 miles. Grey whales travel from Alaska to
Mexico at 5 mph for three weeks without eating. Tarahumara Indians of
Mexico have been known to chase deer until the deer collapses in
exhaustion, its hooves worn away.

These incredible feats of endurance and speed are fueled by fat.
Like migratory animals, the capacity to burn large amounts of fat for
fuel is in the human genetic code. Unlike migratory animals, however,
if humans dont use it, they lose the capacity to burn fat.

People who are out of shape instead have to rely on limited
carbohydrate supplies for energy. One gram of carbohydrate has only 4
calories of energy compared to 9 calories in each gram of fat.

The more fat you burn, the more energy you can generate and the better your endurance.

A study of Chris Boardman, after he set cyclings famed one-hour time
trial world record, revealed that he could burn 1 one pound of fat in
three hours of riding compared to 18 hours it took for recreational
cyclists to burn an equivalent amount of fat.

The ability to use fat for fuel is something you teach your body to
do, and the benefits extend far beyond exercise. Exercise and diet
strategies can develop your metabolic potential to burn fat, allowing
your body to burn more fat all the time.

Someone who is just starting an exercise program can expect
substantial changes in just two weeks. After 12 weeks, fat burning can
be increased by as much as 40%.

Time your food intake. Try to avoid eating for the two hours prior
to exercise. Best yet, exercise first thing in the morning on an empty
stomach. When you eat foods that contain carbohydrate and/or protein,
insulin levels increase in the blood. Insulin reduces fat metabolism in
the muscle and blocks fat leaving the fat tissue. The end result is
lowered use of fat for fuel.

It is also important to include two servings of "good fat" in your
daily diet, such as salad dressings, peanut butter, avocado, almonds,
salmon or olives.

Long exercise sessions send a strong signal to increase fat burning.
For the first 20 – 30 minutes of an exercise session, or until you’re
warmed up, the fuel mix your muscles burn will be high in
carbohydrates. After that, a combination of hormone release and
increased oxygen supply will change the fuel mix to include higher
amounts of fat.

Unfortunately, many people stop exercising just when their muscles are starting to burn fat.

After an hour of exercise and again at three hours, fat burning is
increased even further. Include one long exercise session in your
training program each week. Build up time by increasing the length of
your longest session by 10 – 15 minutes each week.

Multisport athletes may want to do a long training session in each
sport. More than that can result in excess fatigue, injury and illness
and interfere with training.

How long you go depends on your goals. Someone who is exercising for
basic fitness or weight control may want to build up to two hours of
continuous exercise. A marathon runner would get the most benefit from
a three-hour run. A cyclist or Ironman athlete may want to build up to
five to six hours.

Successful ultra-runners have been known to have training sessions
of eight hours. However, the point of diminishing returns appears to be
three hours.

How hard you go makes a big difference in fat burning. During
aerobic training sessions, your target heart rate should be at the top
of the fat burning zone, or the intensity where your muscles are
burning the highest amount of fat. For most people, this is around 65%
to 70% of maximum heart rate. This is the point where you can hear
yourself breathe, and any talking will be interrupted.

If you cant talk, youre going too hard. If you can chat with ease,
youre going too easy and youre just not sending enough of a signal.

After basic fat metabolism has been established, sprint training can
increase fat metabolism even further. However, it must be emphasized
that a foundation of aerobic training and strength should be built

Heart Rate Chart for everyone

Hi everyone, I am including the heart rate chart for all you active lifestyle people out there, well some of you might already know what to do with a heart rate chart but I am sure that not everyone will know, so let me share my knowledge on what I know about Heart Rate. So first of all if you really would like to have a change of lifestyle, I sincerely would say that you should invest in a HRM which stands for Heart Rate Monitor, a good one at it, as it doubles as a watch as well. but in recent years manufacturers have come out with devices which are not watches but its quite nifty for example micoach by Adidas, but just to name a the top 2 they are:

1) Polar
2) Timex

I have used a Polar and Nike from previous before and I found that its really invaluable to our training regime, follow your heart and listen to your heart, I am sure you will be please with your results in the end, give your self some time, you resting heart rate *RHR* would not be very good for a start but you will see it improves gradually when you train properly. I use to have a RHR of 45bpm – 60bpm when I am doing nothing, but after a long hiatus from my training I guess its back to an average person of 70bpm – 80bpm. I am still searching for a right HRM to buy and I kinda guess what I am going to buy already so wait for the next blogpost on it. So here today I am going to share with you the training HR chart: below you will be two charts for example and will explain in brief.

The first chart with colors is easier to look at as it gives you your age and the stage of targeted training that you would want to be on. Just to give you a brief on the first chart, lets take my age, I am 25 *AHEM*  *COUGH* winds got my chills .. and I want to start a weight losing regime so first look out for your age group category, then look at the intended category you want to be at, for me its the weight lost zone, So first you would want to warm up and gradually increase your heart pulse to 50% – 65% of that area. IMHO I have trained from a 80kg fatboy to a 63kg with 13% body fat following a good diet and training regime by following my heart. SERIOUS ! ok dont get confused with the second chart below the colored chart.That chart is more intended for athletes as you see they have a recovery period instead of a fat burning zone.

Well I dont expect you to run out and buy a HRM now at this instant, try going out for a daily run maybe once a week, ask yourself after that run do you feel more energized? do you feel alert and able to do daily task with out feeling tired, if you answer yes to all, you are on your way to a better lifestyle, but in any case you feel you would like to buy one and dont know how to start do feel free to email me or leave me a comment. I am sure I would be able to give you some advise. Cheers !

Which Appeals to you more ?

Just wondering which appeals to the masses? Which looks more appealing to the eye ?

Adulteres! Caused by Nannies

Interesting read! found it online so I am just sharing it with you guys. check it out

Mothers who outsource the care of their sons to other women may be
inadvertently raising adulterers. Or so claims Dr. Dennis Friedman in a
book that has kicked up a bit of a ruckus in Britain. A Fellow of the
Royal College of Psychiatrists, the doctor argues that men become
womanizers because their mothers left them with nannies.

According to Friedman, having two women care for a baby boy may
cause his little brain to internalize the idea that there are multiple
females to meet his needs. "It introduces him to the concept of the
other woman," he said in London’s Daily Telegraph. He explicates the relationship in his book The Unsolicited Gift: Why We Do The Things We Do, which explores how a mother’s love for her offspring can determine how those children behave as adults. (See the mobile apps that make adultery easier.)

Girls are affected by nannies too. Not having her mother around
creates in the infant female a "vacuum of need," says Friedman, which
she might try to fill in later life with substance abuse or promiscuity
— presumably with those married men in her social circle who were also
raised by nannies.

But it is the thesis concerning boys that has been more
controversial. Having two maternal objects, says Friedman, "creates a
division in [the boy’s] mind between the woman he knows to be his
natural mother and the woman with whom he has a real hands-on
relationship: the woman who bathes him and takes him to the park, and
with whom he feels completely at one." This dual-woman life, one for
family and one for catering to his every need, might become a set
pattern in his mind, so that when he grows up and feels like his needs
are not being met, he strays beyond the home. (See the top 10 mistresses.)

Friedman suggests mothers should not work, or if they must, should
not return to work until their children are at least 1 year old.
Critics, and many, many working mothers, quickly pointed out that he
offers no statistics for his theory (as in, exactly how many nannies
Tiger Woods must have had), nor does his proposal seem particularly
practical, since many women have little choice but either to return to
work after having children or to not feed said children. Additionally,
it rankled many women that Friedman lays the blame for men’s fidelity
issues on females. If it’s not the inattentive wife who drives a man
into another woman’s arms — it’s his inattentive mother.

It also doesn’t make developmental sense, says Dr. Jean Mercer,
professor emerita of Psychology at Richard Stockton College in New
Jersey, who specializes in infant development. "Babies don’t form
attachments solely to their mothers — they become attached also to
fathers, grandparents, nannies, child-care providers, older brothers
and sisters, or anyone else who interacts with them socially and
frequently participates in care routines like feeding and bathing."
These relationships are healthy and part of normal development. And
becoming attached to a nanny doesn’t equal becoming detached from a
mother, or that the two are interchangeable. "A nanny or other person
is added to the existing relationships most babies have."

It’s unclear how wide a cross section of society Friedman used to
draw his conclusions, but it’s possible they may have been a bit
skewed. His previous three books were explorations of the psychology of
a small but prominent group of people with powerful matriarchs and lots
and lots of nannies: the British royal family.

by Belinda Luscombe

Segiempat or rather Foursquare

I am not sure how many people knows about this software called "Foursquare" , seems that its the new twitter. I myself downloaded it into my blackberry and gave up after 2 hours on it, but I dwell on learning something so complicated, but is it? I won’t be able to describe a user experience like how I use twitter but I will post a "how to below this later" I think there are more cons that pros when using this location base software. but anyway if you want to find out more please visit or click  FOURSQUARE. Other wise, if you already have downloaded the app into your phone, lappy or PDA and still dont know what its all about here is a good in-depth tutorial of it.

What is foursquare?

In a nutshell, it’s a location service-based social
network-come-game. What it does in effect is to tell you where your
friends are and add a little fun to going out in the evening. It’s like
Google Lattitude meets a little bit of Facebook, a touch of Twitter, a dash of Qype and even a twist of World of Warcraft. And if that’s not a cocktail for hopeless addiction, then we’re not sure what is.

How does it work?

The whole system is based around what is known as "checking-in". You
check-in from bars and restaurants and any kind of nightspot or
watering hole, perhaps with a little message
about where you are and what you’re doing – all very brief – and the
system will then register what you’re up to. People who you’re friends
with will then get pinged a message to let them know your whereabouts
and activities, and the idea is that they can then join you if they
fancy or just be pleased that you’re out
having a good time. From the other side of things, if you’re out on
your own somewhere, suddenly mateless in town or stuck at home and bored, you can see where everyone’s
at and get yourself down to the party. All pretty simple. The other two
things you can do are create a to-do-list of places you’ve always
wanted to go and add to a Top 12 list of your recommendations for other

And what about the game?

The clever, or clever-er, part is that you get points for
checking-in. The idea is that it encourages you to do so, which then
gets the system running and propagates the idea and the fun even
further. It’s all rather new, even for the developers, and much of the
system is still evolving but, at the moment, you get a point for
checking in, you get five points if it happens to be from a place
you’ve never checked-in from before; a further point if it’s the
second, third, fourth etc place of the evening; and another still for
checking-in multiple nights in a row, you old booze hound, you. You can
only get points for checking-in outside of work hours – presumably to
prevent potential mass job loss and alcoholism – but you’re always
eligible for the five discovery points no matter what time of day it is.

the points aren’t good for anything other than bragging rights but
that’s currency a-plenty with a leader board on the site with the top
users. Also, if you check-in from the same place more times and more
regularly than anyone else, then you might find yourself crowned Mayor
of that gaff on the site – an honour that many may try to wrestle from
you but then, that’s part of the fun. You’ll probably begin as rivals
and end up the next week amassing 50 points together on some all night

You can also earn badges as you check-in which is where the parallel of World of Warcraft
and its Achievements system lies. Firstly, there are badges for the
number of times you’ve checked-in to new establishments from Newbie up
to Superstar, plus all sorts of random and more cryptic titles to earn.
Word has it that this is where the real addiction lies, especially with
the team working on and taking suggestions for all sorts of new badges.

The really clever part

That’s basically the fun side of foursquare and what you’ll
appreciate as a user, but while all this is going on, the owners of the
service are also gathering some very considerable review and guide data
for all the best spots in a whole bunch of major cities all over the
world. It’s the kind of user-generated content that Qype
specialises in but in a much less in-depth way. What foursquare then
decides to do with that is up to the business but there’s certainly
plenty of commercial scope, if only for the desire of new bars and
restaurants to get themselves listed or even to have a badge made just
for them.

How do I start?

Like all social networks, just head to the foursquare site and sign up with a free and very brief profile which will ask you for your mobile phone number so it can ping you. Then add a photo and find your friends.

Can anyone use it?

Well, yes and no. Firstly, the system has to be city specific, so
there are different networks for a number of different locations. If
there doesn’t happen to be one in your location then, it’s not going to
work for you. So far you can play in: Amsterdam, Atlanta, Austin,
Boston, Chicago, Dallas / Fort Worth, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Las
Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis / St. Paul, New York City,
Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle,
Washington, DC and now London as well. You’ll need a mobile phone to
check-in from and a decent SMS package on your price plan or, better still, there’s an app for Android, iPhone and soon ones for BlackBerry and the Palm Pre too.