Still looking…

I know, I know, I think its been 2 years now since I touched a bike,  the sound of wind gushing through my ears, the feel of sweat dripping down on your back on a hot Sunday afternoon after a 100km expedition, looking at the road all being engulf by our front and back tyre and the look of the stagnant tree passing us by. All those are not powered by a motor, its what I call LEG power ! yes I do 100km expedition every Sunday few years ago, and to compare today its a STARK contrast, this time Sunday I sit at home or do a short run, 100km cycling with a group is just totally awesome, the people you meet the things we discuss and the friends we make. I truly miss all those days when I am on my bike. I can’t truly say I loved it all, the feeling of grueling burns when we speed at the speeds of 30 – 40km/h or even climbing a steep hill. You see the agony of peoples faces while you pass them, showing them a triumph but infact inside your heart its also bursting and gasping for oxygen. LOL.

Trust me, I am still looking for a bike which suits me, In this 2010 I have missed the OSIM and Aviva 70.3 again, I think this two event is really going elusive. I can’t seem to get a bike that suits me. I went to FELT, GIANT, SPECIALIZED ..etc..etc.. its either the color or the setting but the main problem is the BUDGET, why do a decent TRIbike cost $4000 and above. I was awaiting for a Kouta Kueen K pricing but it never came, so hence I forgotten about it totally. Now I am starting on my journey to rebuild myself again. I have to start doing my 3 discipline again instead of only one, but since I am only doing one,  this are the highlights for this year,

1. NorthEast Run 10mile:16km (missed)
2. 2Xu Run 12km (Apr)
2.2 Adidas Sundown 42km (May)  <— why 2.2 is because I am replacing someone *Might go might not*
3. Passion: 25km (June)
3.5 Legs & Paddles 5k kayak+7k run(June)
4. Newton 30km (Oct)
5. Trailblazer: 12km (Nov)
6. Standard Chartered: 42km (Dec)

Looks like this few events will have to do at the moment, IF I had my bike, I would have slotted Aviva and Osim in between and those duathlon and Triathlon events. guess I am still in search for my holy grail, Dont have to be a powerhouse like BMC or Cervelo but it would sure be nice thought. I prefer something that will just suits me.


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