Whats your passion?

Once I have this red shiny bike, this bike was a close friend of mine, I refer to the bike as my wife then. Why was it so precious to me? its because its Red and Shiny and I bought it with my own hard cash. The feeling of going to a bicycle shop 6 years ago was like a kid going to a candy store, Imagine yourself being given the chance to choose anything you want, but of course I didnt get to choose anything I want because of budget constrain la, You think what money drop from the sky like durian drop from tree mer, even so, it takes about 1 year over for a durian to drop, so for me, took me quite a while to gather a bunch of money to buy this gem, I didn’t but this bike off the rack like I use to. I bought it from scratch, I have chosen the frame, the handlebar, the seat, the rims, everything to my own specifics. It was a wonderful experience I tell you and also cost me dearly, because building a bike is not like off the rack, buying a bicycle off the race will only cost you a fraction of the price as those parts are shipped in together where as the build from scratch is easily 30 – 40% more, but its ME, ME ,ME

So what happened to this wonderful bike of mine? I had to sell it off due to some money constraint, It was a hard time for me to let go, but life is not that perfect and we are not born with a silver-spoon in our mouth, I feel sad typing this out as I reminisce the time I had with that bike, the climb up Genting Sempah, the races, the places I traveled with it. What a wonderful experience I tell you. I am not a bike whore, where some people just go from bike to bikes and keep changeing their bikes. I am very loyal and I stay to one and only one. so far I still can’t find a perfect bike. well I could if I had like $30 large  as there is already one by the name of "ISAAC JOULE AEROTIC" that bike I can tell u is a work of art, there are talks in the forum where people says, People buy that frame of the bike just to hang on the wall, What craziness is that. well if it floats their boat, Well .. I am back to hunting bikes again. Hope I can find one soon. Peace out and in the mean while.. enjoy your cycling


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